Manny’s for Sale, Choice Greene Nearly Empty


Last week, a reader spotted an ad on Fillmore for Manny’s asking $240,000 for the business. “Fully equipped turnkey French style cafe business for sale,” said the ad. The price would include taking over the 10-year lease as well as all the interior fittings and equipment of the cafe, above, which the owners had beautifully decorated with wood panelling and a vintage mantel.

Manny’s opened at 212 Patchen Avenue in Bed Stuy in October of 2012 and closed a few months later, promising to reopen after they put in gas service. They opened as a cafe serving a variety of sandwiches and baked goods from sister businesses Choice Market and Dough but the intention was always to be a full-service restaurant.

Meanwhile, over at Choice Greene, the mini-empire’s grocery store at 214 Greene Avenue in Clinton Hill, the store is now almost empty of goods and fixtures except for one person in the back preparing bagels, another reader tells us. In February, we reported that their sign had come down and they were advertising a “close-out sale” but were not going out of business, according to one of the workers at the counter.

We reached out to the owner for comment and to see if he could share with us his plans for Choice Greene, but have not yet heard back. In the meantime, the ad for Manny’s has disappeared off the Fillmore site. We hope that means they’ve found a buyer, but in any case, we have enjoyed all their businesses (we’re eating a Dough doughnut right now) and wish them well in everything they do.

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  • Yeah, Choice Greene is selling Dough donuts now. So much for getting into Speedo shape this summer.

  • From my understanding, talking to the owner of Choice about a year or so ago, Manny’s was never officially part of the Choice family – they had an arrangement with Choice to sell their products, and something went awry with that relationship, and with Manny’s business in general. It’s unfortunate, because the renovation the owners of Manny’s did on the space was really beautifully done, and there’s a also a nice patio behind it. I also recently spoke to one of the cashiers at Choice Greene, and this person said they were renovating – eliminating the veggie section, and focusing on other things.

    I hope something great goes into the Manny’s space – this part of Bed-Stuy could use more options, and it would be a nice companion to Bed-Stuy Fresh and Local (which is next door).

    I am always perplexed by how many new businesses fail quickly in Bed-Stuy; you’d think owners would set aside the needed cash, and keep to a business plan in order to take the time to grow their business. In Stuy Heights we got Little Beny’s Pizzeria last year (related to the Beny’s businesses in Clinton Hill), and that lasted maybe 6 months, tops, and was open sometimes, closed sometimes, then closed, then open, then closed. Then there was Tin City, the flower shop on Lewis (can’t remember the name), the health food store on Halsey, Crave, Manny’s Cafe, all similar. New businesses: please stay open the hours you promise to be open, as it’s incredibly frustrating as a would-be customer to want to patronize your business and never know when you’re going to be open. Also, have enough money to float the business for a year!!!!

  • Choice is or was ridiculously overpriced with surly attitude to boot. Hope they go away and are replaced by someone less pretentious who actually value your service…