Kushner Starts Work on 144 Willow Street in Brooklyn Heights


Interior demolition has started at 144 Willow Street, a landmarked building in Brooklyn Heights that Jared Kushner purchased from Brooklyn Law School in February as part of a bigger $36,500,000 deal.

A crew of at least eight started work late last week, a tipster told us. He didn’t see any certificate of no exterior effect, required by Landmarks, he said, except on former Watchtower buildings, which deeds indicate this was not.

An Alt-2 permit filed this month indicates a renovation is planned for the apartments on the basement through the fourth floors.

Kushner plans to turn three of the buildings in the recently acquired portfolio back into single-family townhouses, as we reported last week, but this one will remain apartments.

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  • So if you live in a landmarked area you have to get a “certificate of no exterior effect” if you are not doing any exterior work that would need LPC approval??

    Absolutely ridiculous. Kinda like making non union members pay union dues but I can see how the mindsets developed in both situations.

  • That’s absolutely right. Construction under the direction of absentee landlords has an odd way of somehow getting out of control before you even know it. This alerts everybody that should there be some exterior work that it is not authorized. A call to landmarks would then be initiated.
    to the writer: In this nicely preserved and beloved neighborhood, this is known at reasonable and for most all of us annoying but essential regulation.
    to Kushner: Get the damn certificate and join the responsible, law-abiding, good neighbor movement.