House of the Day: 396A 19th Street

OK, it’s really narrow and there are a lot of down lights but this Greenwood Heights house at 396A 19th Street looks pretty cute to us. Goes to show what some great rugs and Timorous Beasties wallpaper can do, right? That bath looks pretty slick, and we also like the new unpainted clapboard exterior.

We’re not so sure about the location, though — it faces the Prospect Expressway. What do you think of it and the ask of $1,669,000?

396A 19th Street [Betancourt & Associates] GMAP

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  • isn’t there a thing with living next to a cemetery and the runoff of chemicals and stuff into the topsoil?

  • It’s very cute but very overpriced, in my opinion. And not just the usual overpriced either.

  • Why the “A” designation in the address? Noticed there are a lot of them in the nabe.

  • actually i think the house, for what it is, is not that wildly overpriced. Maybe $1.5 While only 16 feet wide, the layout looks extremely workable and turnkey for a family. Not a lot of one families even on the better side of the highway. Certainly not the best location, (this does not back up directly to a cemetery) but it is accessible to the greenwood heights restaurants, south slope on 7th ave. is pretty close and “THE Park” is not all that far away. The highway? Yeah, it won’t be everyone’s first choice. Right there, its not that bad as the expressway has just started and there looks to be a little extra buffer zone with a highway entrance. Sadly, across the expressway, things have gotten quite expensive. A WT 20 footer on 10th avenue closed recently at 1.875 and $2.0 is all but here. So, that’s why i’m thinking $1.5 for this move-in one family, which is impossible to find even on the park side.