House of the Day: 289 Lincoln Road

If this limestone at 289 Lincoln Road in Prospect Lefferts Gardens looks familiar, that’s because we featured it in a two-part series last year called “Let’s Play Flipper.” As you may recall, a first-time developer purchased the unrenovated property for $800,000 four months after another developer had bought it from the homeowner for $431,000. He consulted with Brownstoner readers to see what they would do with the property, and ultimately decided to spruce it up a bit and put it on the market a few weeks later for $995,000.

This week we heard from him again: “We had great interest from buyers in April 2013 but the poor condition of the bathrooms, kitchens and wonky layout worked against the property.” So instead of selling, he did a top-to-bottom renovation. Now, almost a year later, it’s back on the market.

The layout has been redesigned, there is a new plumbing riser, new bathrooms, new kitchens, exterior repairs “and a lot of love,” he told us. Paint was stripped and original details restored.

It’s set up as a duplex over a garden floor rental, and the owner has exclusive access to the staircase and the basement. The first floor entrance is ramped and there is room inside for bicycles and strollers.

Other creative changes: A skylight was created out of the old dumbwaiter and plumbing stack space on the top floor. The dining room has a wet bar, and the master bath has heated floors. The developer will finish the countertops and add appliances in consultation with the buyer (the appliances shown in the photos are just placeholders, the agent told us).

The new ask is $1,450,000, and the first open house is this Sunday, May 4, from 1 to 2:30 pm. What do you think of the renovation and the new price?

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  • are those old photos on the listing?

  • congrats on the project but the bathrooms and kitchens still look below mediocre. ikea kitchens are cheap and look good. and bathroom fixtures could be way nicer.

  • So the predatory flipper who does nothing makes about as much as the flipper who renovates it. Yes, that makes total sense. Free market! Who hoo!!!

    It looks nice. Hope it goes over ask, just because of the above.

  • I agree that the kitchen and bathroom fixtures are really subpar. In many cases, it doesn’t cost that much more to buy nice-looking ones as you’re renovating but it will cost the new owner a lot to replace them in parts and labor.

  • I’m going to join the chorus and say that for this kind of money, I would expect much higher quality kitchens and baths. I wouldn’t put cheap white appliances in a rental and certainly not in a million dollar home. The baths look awkward and cheap – Home Depot pedestal lavs are the pits. Also, what’s with the woodwork? Some is stripped, some is left painted and other rooms it looks like they gave up half way there. Stripped window trim with painted baseboards is just weird.

  • It’s a terrible renovation. But perhaps that was part of the contractor’s strategy. Face it, that eastern part of PLG is filled with tenement level apartments and run down townhouses. So he had to go cheap. The further east you go you lose the flavor that is synonymous with the northern PLG historic district and completely out of sync with the Manor. I think the price is aggressive but who knows. Only time will tell.

  • I do not see any evidence in the pictures of a proper electrical update. (not enough outlets) nor any upgrade of the old forced air heating system! (the worst, both health and efficiency wise!)
    And it is still going to cost someone some money to put in a deck, access to the garden from the owners unit; as well as the generic kitchen and bathrooms! But at least the bathrooms are white.

  • It says the developer will finish countertops and appliances, etc. for the buyer. I think it looks pretty beautiful.

  • Thanks for everybody’s interest. I thought I would address some of the comments at the risk of being mauled.
    The rental unit has a strip kitchen with solid wood cabinetry (not mdf), dovetail drawers, etc. and smaller appliances for efficiency. The bathroom has two sinks and two closets for roommates to have their own space.

    The master bathroom has simple pedestal sinks anticipating that the buyer would personalize the cabinetry. The second bathroom is a bit smaller I elected to be efficient with the fixtures but it flows quite nicely, especially with the skylight. The powder room has a more substantial pedestal sink and room to customize the space.

    The master kitchen cabinets are also solid wood (slow close, dove tail). Granite countertops will be customized for the buyer as will be the appliances but there is space for a 36″ wide full depth french door fridge for example.

    There is so much wood detail in the home that we could have been refinishing until next year. I elected to stop before the floor moulding but a buyer could always take it a bit further.

    The idea was to do some of the heavy lifting while still allowing an end user to put their personal touches on it.

    Lincoln Developer