Condo of the Day: 694 Degraw Street, #3

This two-bedroom, two-bath triplex in a Park Slope conversion has an airy feel with two terraces and a roof deck and an interesting mezzanine space. There’s also plenty of room for a home office or two and walk-in closets for both bedrooms.

We’re a little puzzled by the floor plan, however, which seems to chop up the 1,593-square-foot condo into half floors on alternating sides of four, not three, levels.  Do you think they’ll get their ask, which is $1,545,000?

694 Degraw Street, #3 [Corcoran] GMAP

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  • Crazy, awful layout. The second bedroom is two flights from the master? Some of the image labels also seem misleading to me, unless I’m reading the layout wrong. The image labeled “kids area” is actually the second bedroom, I believe. I’m also surprised they didn’t divide the second floor lengthwise instead so as to have nice windows in both rooms and the ability to better separate the two rooms.

  • Yes, wacky floorplan but I’m kinda liking it.

  • It is on three floors, as the top level is just a roof deck with a tiny office and a narrow mezzanine included in the stairwell bulkhead. It is nice that it is on the top three floors, with no ground level room in this unit. I like that the living room faces the street, which I prefer, and that both bedrooms face the backyard, which I prefer. The separation of the bedrooms by two floors gives you more privacy and sound insulation, great for use of the second bedroom for guests, an older child, or an office/music/tv whatever room. Now, whether this is good sound insulation between this unit and the one that scissors with it, who knows.