Community Boards Scuffle Over Atlantic Yards


Three community boards are fighting over jurisdiction of the 22 acres that make up the Atlantic Yards development. Most of the complex, which runs along Atlantic Avenue near the intersection of Flatbush Avenue, is technically in Prospect Heights, with a small section in Park Slope. But the community boards don’t exactly follow neighborhood lines, so bits of it belong to CB 2, 6, and 8.

Why it matters is not really clarified by a story examining the matter in detail in The New York Times. The CBs are responsible for things like trash pickup, liquor license reviews and noise complaints. Developer Forest City Ratner says “all the districts would share local hiring and affordable housing opportunities regardless of what happens.” A few observers say it would be easier to oppose the development if responsibility for it were concentrated in one community board.

Click through to the story for a helpful map showing exactly where Atlantic Yards is going to go. Above, the rail line portion that runs along Atlantic Avenue from Barclays Center to Vanderbilt Avenue in the snow in February. It’s eventually supposed to be covered by a platform and six towers.

A Community Tug of War in Brooklyn [NY Times]

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  • Yes, lets try and concentrate opposition to development that would fill in this big ugly gaping eyesore in Brooklyn.

    • There’s a difference between “opposition” and “oversight.” Some of us who live in the neighborhood continue to lobby for good governance and the mitigation of construction impacts.We are well aware that dividing the site between community boards will only lead to a loss of accountability. And this in a project that stands out for its utter lack of responsiveness to local residents.

      • I’m hard pressed to come up with an example of development that has revitalized and upgraded an area of NYC since 42nd Street was done. All of “you’ there would be happier if this was STILL caught up in lawsuits and legal wrangling. Instead you now have a much better neighborhood.

        But please, keep at your effort of “oversight.”

        • Dave, I know you well enough to know you are not that dense. The community boards cannot stop the project and are not now trying to. But there are a million little and not so little issues and impacts along the way as the full project gets built over many years and the community board has a role concerning the impact on the community, a somewhat limited role but one that is established per the City Charter, so the community boards, as a forum for airing and perhaps mediatiing and addressing some community issues with respect to AY is not going to disappear. Surely, that role is more efficiently exercised by one CB than by 3 simultaneoulsy with respect to the same project. I would think you would be in favor of that.

  • Patently ridiculous gerrymandering – even that little wedge that is there only to put the 78th Pct. into CB-6 while its reach includes the Park & goes all the way past Greenwood Hts.

  • 78th Precinct only goes to 15th Street. Greenwood Heights and Windsor Terrace are both in the 72nd.