Two Apartment Buildings Planned Overlooking Park in Windsor Terrace

A developer is planning to replace a small brick house and a few garages with two apartment buildings at 92 Prospect Park Southwest in Windsor Terrace. New building applications filed at the end of February outline plans for a six-story, 11-unit building, and a three-story building with five apartments.

The developer is Progressive Development Partners, and the architect of record is Lin + Associates Architects. Demolition permits have not yet been filed. GMAP

Photo by Nicholas Strini for PropertyShark

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  • Is that photo of Prospect Park Southwest? I can’t think of anywhere along there that looks that disreputable, but maybe I just don’t notice as I walk along the park.

  • I can’t picture it myself, and Google maps street view is not giving me anything that looks like that either.

  • Indeed, that’s 16t Street right near the corner of PPSW. There used to be two more small garages here, but they were torn down 2, maybe 3 years ago. The site was then surrounded with blue construction fence and permits posted, but has been nearly dormant for years (unless work started up very recently)

    92 PPSW I believe is currently a 2 story 1 or two family house.

  • Yes! That’s where it is. And I take back the disreputable allegation– I should really take the crack out of my own sidewalk before I insult the sidewalks of others. It just didn’t look like PPSW.

  • Did the developer recently buy this building? I’m a bit surprised that they are taking this one down, since it’s sort of a nice building.
    I’ve been expecting this sort of thing, but not on this block, but rather on the block between 10th ave and 11th ave. It’s got many wood frame houses, including some tiny ones, and one strange building which has some sort of woodshop on the ground floor. Not what you would expect from a prime park block right by the subway.

  • yes, this is right next to the most recent building that went up on ppsw that had some brief protest (how dare they build tall buildings near parks in nyc….). This has been dormant for a while (with the Lin name on it) and i’m guessing we will see some of the same type of half serious token protest to appease the minions. I assume it will have the same semi fugliness as its next door neighbor although does it even really matter given the acute fugly plight on this block.

    Obviously there may only be partial park views if any at all, although you can’t knock proximity to heavy greenery for a pittance versus higher up on PPW, and not too far from subway. Every time i walk by i am shocked at why this development isn’t off the ground given the location and how strong the market has been.

  • I actually like that quaint corner on PPSW and I am very pro-development. The problem here is I am confident that what is going to be built is going to be very ugly and likely cheaply constructed. I hope I am wrong.

    IF that is the case, that is why it makes it so hard to build new buildings in this city. The people that get in first do a lousy job and that allows the community to point to new development as a rallying cry and have NIMBY rise up.