Prospect Heights Restaurant Prepping Takeout and Grocery Spot R&D Foods


Signage has gone up in the windows of 602 Vanderbilt Avenue, where restaurant 606 R&D is preparing to expand with takeout and groceries. The spinoff, to be called R&D Foods, will have a counter with seating, according to the website. Offerings will include prepared foods, vegetables, sandwiches, deli items, breads, pastry, donuts, and coffee. There will also be catering.

“Opening Winter 2014” says the site, and the hours will be 8 am to 8 pm seven days a week. The space was previously home to salon Wink Eco Beauty Bar. Thanks to Cara Greenberg for the tip and photo. GMAP

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  • When the signage went up at 602 I was very excited. I work late and am always looking to just grab something and go home. But closing at 8? If I got home by 8pm I’d just cook dinner myself. Why not stay open until 9? Or 9:30? That’s when you really just want to grab a pre-cooked meal.

    There’s a place called Stocked across the street that has the exact same concept and also closes at 8pm. Which is why I’ve never set foot inside. I’ve run there multiple times hoping to grab something before they close, but I never make it in time.

    Why is there no place in Prospect Hts. where you can grab a quick meal after 8 except Antonio’s and El Castillo?

    • So true, I seriously would start a kickstarter campaign to have Dizzy’s take over the Usual diner and have it stay open till 10:00. God why cant that happen….Why????

  • Vanderbilt has been really slow to add new businesses. There are at least half a dozen empty store fronts that have been vacant for a long time. Seems like everyone is going to Washington or Franklin where there is literally a new place opening up every month. Oh and doesn’t “stocked” across the street do the exact same thing as this new R&D foods? Not that I would be sad to see stocked go out of business, I bought one cup of $7.00 soup there and pretty much never went back.

    • It’s a variant on what I call “the 7th Ave syndrome” in Park Slope. Landlords would rather hold out for top dollar than sign a lease for what they believe is too little. Remember, commercial leases are typically 5-7 years or more. Results in lots of empty store fronts. In London there are financial penalties for landlords who stockpile retail properties.

  • At least The Usual stays open until nine and even later on weekends. Stocked and R&D close at 8.

  • These comments are so on the mark. Absolutely no point to this place if it can’t find a way to stay open later. And pricing is a big issue too. Stocked across the street charges almost $20 for a roast chicken. Madness!