House of the Day: 680 Dean Street

This mid-19th century Italianate in Prospect Heights makes up in width (24 feet across) what it lacks in depth (40 28 feet). The double duplex is nicely renovated and has lots of cute old details, including arched entry doors, floors, marble mantels, a wood burning fireplace, tin ceilings and wedding cake plaster decorations.

We’re guessing it probably gets a lot of light too because of the dimensions. The only thing we’re not liking is that step up to the dining room in the owner’s duplex. What do you think of it for $2,400,000?

680 Dean Street [Corcoran] GMAP

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  • I could get into this place… The façade is pretty lackluster yet the interiors look really nice. Is the price accurate? Seems high, but I don’t really venture that way too often.

  • this is an ugly block in a not very residential block, with serious questions as to how commercial it is going to get. I would rather go little further “out” for example the Corcoran listing at 1222 Carroll St, save a cool million dollars, get a two car garage thrown into the bargain and be in a neighborhood that will always be a great residential neighborhood with wonderful neighborhood services at your doorstep.

  • If it was 40 ft deep, it wouldn’t “lack” anything in that regard. But, although the dimensions on the floorplan are contradictory, it appears to be only 28ft deep which really is tight. Early Italianate rowhouses often have a lot of charm and this one certainly does. The location is great in terms of being right on top of all the amenities of Prospect Heights, in walking distance of the museum, the park, Fort Greene/Clinton HIll and BAM. Not so great in that your parlor windows overlook the bus stop. Also a tiny backyard. But given how hot Prospect Heights is, I’d say that’s reflected in the price — galling though that may be.

  • The building is only 24′ x 28′, which means they are asking close to $900/sf. I think that price is crazy, but I bet they get close to it.

  • Thank you so much for the correction. That makes so much more sense. PropertyShark has it listed as 40 feet.

  • 2.4M to live directly in front a bus stop?

    Next Next NEXT!

  • I’d rather have length than width.