Condos Likely for Park Slope Senior Home

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Three Brooklyn pols — Councilman Brad Lander and Assembly Members James Brennan and Joan Millman — spoke out against the closing of Park Slope assisted living facility Prospect Park Residence and called on the owner to reconsider. And it turns out the owner is, in fact, also the owner of the building.

The Real Deal dug up the details and said owner Haysha Deitsch “has kept the reason for the closure under wraps,” implying the previously cited tax increase didn’t make sense. The publication also spoke to “a source close to the situation,” who said the owner “likely intends to turn the center into condos.” Although all those lawsuits could be a factor too.

More than 100 seniors live at the facility. Could this turn into another LICH?

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  • the power of compounding strikes again.

  • Truly criminal. A regrettable decision.
    Mr. Di Blasio: where are you on this?

  • I’m glad that these local politicians are attempting to do something about this situation, but I think that the outcome will be the same. My mother just moved into this residence just 5 months ago, and we both love it. This is just money talking, or maybe shouting. I have a feeling that if this drags on, and goes into the courts, service will suffer, people will leave anyway ( I will certainly pull my other out of there as soon as I can) then it will be all over anyway. The owners kept this a secret from everyone; residents, local Pols, to that they could make a killing with the sale. The employees are victims too, they are great. This is destroying lives on a large scale; a real tragedy!

  • This is a privately owned piece of property and company.
    It is not even a publicly traded company that the share holders may have a say in, let alone civically owned company or service.
    Yes it is sad that elderly people will be displaced, but giving longer notice would not have made any difference. Just a longer period of pain and discomfort.

  • I post this letter I wrote and wonder whether the citizens who expect that their government may have an unexpected positive effect on the world we live in might make it better or, at least, less worse:

    Jeff Chase

    Today at 3:23 PM


    Honorable Joan L. Millman

    Member of the State Assembly

    State Of New York

    52nd Assembly District, Brooklyn, NY

    March 6, 2014

    Dear Ms. Millman: 1 Prospect Park West

    Brooklyn, NY 11215

    I am one of about 130 residents at the Assisted Living Facility named Prospect Park Residence, in your district. At meetings yesterday with staff, residents and their families we were surprisingly informed that permission had been given to cease operating this building in this capacity by the NYS Dept. of Health, which issued it a license to operate effective 14 months ago, in January, 2013.

    There was absolutely no forewarning of this action nor public forum or discussion by any Federal, State, City or Community department, agency or board. I say “surprisingly.” That is certainly an understatement for all three groups informed and their dependents (the +/- 75 workers’), families and representatives of our population here and, of course, the residents themselves (Ourselves), at least 80% of whom never leave the building (I am not one of these, still being fortunate to be among the small mobile fraction) and all of whom anticipate the “ageing in place” (as publicly promised, verbatim, by management, with whom we have Resident Agreement contracts) here in our home as our final earthly destinations. In addition to the very personal, life-changing aspects of this action are the issues of 1)removal of a healthcare facility from our state, city and neighborhood for replacement by, most likely, luxury residences in this location to house a small fraction of the citizens who now occupy the property, 2)legal and procedural authority of any department, agency or community board to take action altering the use of this real estate and influencing the local character hereabouts, 3)soliciting proposals from competing ALF professionals to take on this facility and its staff and management (such changes have been accomplished before, most recently when the current operator took over about 1 1/2 years ago) which, since 1962 when it was sold by the Knights of Columbus who built it and it began its life of service to the elderly, frail and demented, has served as home to citizens like me in need of its services. I stop at 3), but I’m sure, Ms. Millman, you appreciate that these issues and proof of accountings and the myriad secret machinations warrant investigation to determine, under the law, whether this radical alteration to the fabric of our society – it is presented to us as a fait accompli – is permissible. Would you be willing to exercise your office to unveil this situation on behalf of us who would have to relocate to a similar facility to receive the care needed for us to remain in life? Management told us last night that we have 90 days.

    Please respond to me at the building address, my email address ( or my room-phone, 718-636-4080. Or drop by for coffee. Mine is Room 208. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your reading-time. Sincerely, Jeffrey Chase (formerly, during my working-life, a paid writer for the New York Times from about 1981 to about 2004). Is it not foregone that there be an equal and opposite reaction to this action regarding one’s food, mate or HOME?