Condo of the Day: 104 Saint Marks Place, #3W

This third-floor condo at 104 Saint Marks Place in Park Slope just hit the market last week with an asking price of $899,000. We love the look of the building from the outside and the living room has three exposures and hence nice light and air; there’s a cool wall of windows in the strangely proportioned master bedroom too.

The apartment layout is suboptimal, though, with the single bathroom nowhere near either of the bedrooms. We can also spot some Home Depot doors on the closets, always a turn-off but easily remedied.

104 Saint Marks Place, #3W [Corcoran] GMAP

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  • From the listing….

    THERE IS PLUMBING ALL SET TO ADD A SECOND BATH (see alternate floor plan).

    Makes a lot of sense.

  • you can tell where the dining room is the small window was probably the original bathroom.

  • The real mistake with this was putting th bedrooms in the front. The living room should be in the front…I’m sure the original front room was not that narrow…it needs to be opened up. This is an apartment awkwardly designed around someones’s idea of a dream kitchen that belongs in a suburban house. And the desire to have two large bedrooms. This would better be laid out with a very different kitchen, and possibly as a one bedroom, or one larger bedroom and one smaller. This would feel just so awkward to live in.

  • It is hard to figure out how to best lay this out, as the floorplan is so wrong – it has the wrong number of windows both on the front and on the back facades.

  • I dunno, maybe I have other stuff to do to worry about such things or bad taste but the closet doors look absolutely fine to me.

    I sometimes Brownstoner just has to create a bit of tension when discussing a listing because it supposedly makes for a better read…

    Almost every HOTD features a call out on one of the following:

    – Baseboard heating = automatically bad!
    – A completely functional and fine kitchen that isn’t completely contemporary in style = new kitchen needed!
    – A couple of visible baseboard outlets in a pic = electrical upgrade needed!
    – Anything from Home Depot = automatically bad!
    – Any decor in a flipper house = automatically bad despite that fact that these houses offer people at the lower end of the market a way in and it’s not like a bit of exposed brick is the end of the world and give it another 5 years and it will probably be fashionable again.

    But I suppose the site is just doing its job and I’m in the wrong place if this sort of thing pisses me off.