Closing Bell: Whole Foods Starts Work on Coignet Building


Scaffolding has gone up on the side of the Coignet Building next to Whole Foods, above, where it appears the grocer is finally making good on its obligation to repair the landmark, Gowanus Your Face Off reported.

As we noted previously, in December a renovation permit was approved and Whole Foods was fined $3,000 by the city for failing to maintain the structure (after complaints to the DOB that construction on its new building had caused structural cracks in the facade).

The scaffolding is in the tiny alleyway between the two buildings. A construction sign at the site says the restoration will finish in “late 2014,” said GYFO.

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Photo by GYFO

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  • why should WF be fined 3K for this building…..what about dorothy nash, did the city ever receive payment from all the fines from her building?, and what is going on with that building/

    but back to the coignet building, drats, i was so hoping the banging from the piling and construction banging would make this crappy little structure fall to the ground. I dont know what it is about this building, i absolutely hate it. I just wish it would go away. I wish it would have burnt down decades ago…….

  • That building is not worth the faux brick facade that covers it. A complete waste of time, effort, and money.