Closing Bell: Vision Zero Improvements Coming to Atlantic Avenue


Last night at Medgar Evers College, Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg announced that Atlantic Avenue is going to get safety improvements for pedestrians and cyclists as part of Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero campaign. The DOT will install protected bike lanes, dedicated bus lanes, and pedestrian safety measures, according to a press release.

Although no timeline was announced for the improvements, Trottenberg said Atlantic would be among the first 50 priority corridors for safety improvements. Atlantic Avenue has long been one of Brooklyn’s busiest and most dangerous streets, and over 1,400 cyclists and pedestrians were injured by drivers on the road between 2002 and 2013.

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  • Safety for everyone is welcome, but this statement, “1,400 cyclists and pedestrians were injured by drivers “, is very misleading. I would like to know the breakdown of who was not being lawful. Liability is key to this statistic. If a cyclist were hit running a red light by a driver abiding the law, then the cyclist injured him/herself. Same for pedestrians. So, safety improvements should include law enforcement on everyone. For those who say the drivers are at no risk – I say if a driver kills a pedestrian or cyclist while lawfully driving, why should her/she have to live with that burden?

  • Rebecca, who issued the press release that you refer to? The way the post is written, it seems to imply that this news is coming from DOT. However, I called the agency, seeking a copy of the statement, and was told it hadn’t issued a press release on this topic. My understanding from speaking with DOT staff is the commissioner made a single comment at Medgar Evers that an advocacy organization has inflated into some grand policy statement. If that is the case, this post is disingenuous.