House of the Day: 645 Baltic Street

For someone looking for a relatively affordable entree into the Park Slope townhouse market, this semi-detached house at 645 Baltic Street might fit the bill. On the plus side, the house has attractively renovated kitchens, a new roof, recently updated mechanicals and a new gas boiler. It’s currently configured as two floor-through rentals over an owner’s duplex.

But the new renovation doesn’t seem to have erased the marks of an earlier mid-century one. We’re not loving the step up to the owner’s living room in the split-level extension on the back. And while you don’t actually have to walk through one bedroom to get to the other, as the floor plan seems to indicate, the partition closing off the front bedroom seems to have been placed in an awkward spot. The old replacement doors don’t help, and the mantels appear to be in need of restoration.

But for $2,495,000, do you think it’s attractive?

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  • Bland and charmless.

  • I guess all affordability is relative. But you’d have to be pretty wealthy to consider 2.5 mil a good deal.

  • The 2 rentals are tiny, about 550 sq ft for 2 bedrooms. Note how small the living/dining/kitchen is: 16-8×11-9. You could hardly get a fullsized couch and a dining table in there. Having the bath off the kitchen on the owner’s floor is ugly. One (!!!) closet in the duplex. Insanity.

  • This house really does seem like a pretty decent deal given current prices. Other than being a mid-rate gut renovation, which still makes it a nice comfy home for someone with a family with serious rental income coming in as well (you could get 3200 each for those little two bedrooms), the location is terrific, though I don’t know anything about school district. The main drawbacks I can see are the block itself, which is butt ugly, (though, again, in a great location), and the fact that though the square footage is good (3645 according to fastaddress, putting it at 672psf), the house is only 32 feet deep, making it kind of boxlike. Still better than a lot of other PS/Boerum offerings at that price as far as space, rental income, looks and location.

    • It’s 3000sf per the listing (and even that seems a bit of a stretch), so they are asking $831 psf. And they may yet get it because the market right now is CRAY CRAY. I do find myself wondering i f we are due for a wee correction.

  • Which is partly the reason we stopped looking in Park Slope/Boerum.

  • you could also convert it nicely to a triplex and a garden rental, giving the owner more space if they didn’t need the second apt income.

  • “Relatively affordable at $2.5 million” — how can you write something like that and keep your self-respect?!

  • I don’t see it — there are better options elsewhere IMO. Assume you are getting the 3200 someone else mentioned (which seems high for the space as shown) for the two upstairs rentals. If you have 80% financing at 5% (also tricky given the non-conforming use vis a vis the C of O), an owner occupant is still paying over $4000 for a very small and awkwardly laid out 2+ duplex. Plus at some point your life will be disrupted for 18-36 months when they build on the lot next door where the house was torn down due to cracks. Maybe if you have a million for the downpayment so the monthly carry is closer to $8000 it starts making sense but then you could probably put that million to work in a better location.

    BTW, pretty sure the zoned school here is PS 282 on 6th Ave and Lincoln. The newly built school down the block is a “choice” school for both D13 and D15.

  • I wouldn’t want to sleep under my tenants right above me. And the two bedrooms in the duplex seem small…the third is not really a bedroom, but more of a central space.

    Rentals don’t need to be huge to rent, but I want my own bedrooms not to feel cramped.

    And I’d never buy a brownstone next to an empty lot. Not because of disruption when they build next door, but because of the real threat of damage to my foundation when they dig the one next door.