House of the Day: 528 Putnam Avenue

528 putnam avenue bedstuy 12014

The four-story limestone at 528 Putnam Avenue was on the Bed Stuy house tour several years ago and is one of our favorites. The owners, one of whom is an architect, put in Ikea cabinets with marble counters in the combined kitchen-dining room in the back of the parlor floor and new bathrooms with penny tile but otherwise left the original details mostly intact.

Not shown is one of our favorite rooms, the entry, which has original elaborately patterned Victorian encaustic tile and, when we saw it at least, black damask wallpaper from Timorous Beasties. The parlor fireplace was rebuilt to be wood burning and the mudroom toilet was replaced with a laundry room accessible from the hall near the bedrooms. The owners also put in a koi pond in the backyard.

The house is currently configured as a double duplex. Considering the details and the upgrades, do you think they will get the asking price of $1,550,000?

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  • They will probably get close to asking. But 1.5 million to be off the dreaded C kingston Throop stop. I lived briefly over there a few years back and I must say that stop and that commute is the absolute WORSE. But hey if you can afford 1.5 million you probably have a car and can drive to better subway stop.

    As for the house, it’s lovely and I can’t say anything bad about the design choices.

    • I don’t live over that way, but just curious, what’s worse about Kingston-Throop vs, say, Franklin or Clinton-Washington? Just that much farther on the C, something about the neighborhood around the station, or what? I’m not too familiar with that area.

  • I like what I’m seeing in the photos although the bathroom in the middle of the parlor floor wouldn’t be my first choice. But there’s a still a lot to be done — all that beaten up woodwork to refinish — before this is really “done” and that’s not reflected in the price.