Five-Story Apartment Building Rising at 701 Union in Park Slope


The apartment building at 701 Union Street has topped off at five stories. The site had been stalled for years after a construction accident in 2009. As we reported, a new architect came on and work restarted early last year. Plans initially called for six stories and nine units. Now it looks like plans have changed, and the building will be only five stories but still have nine apartments. Click through to the jump to see the whole building.



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  • There is an actual rendering on the architects website – looks nice

  • The single image on the architect’s website isn’t hideous, but renderings always look better than the finished product. This is a massive building, standing out and pushing forward from the smaller neighbors, so no matter what happens next it does look intrusive, and not just for it’s “modernism.” This is something I can see from my house, and it has been an eyesore for years, so I have great concern for it to be finished. Still, this construction site has a long history of questionable work (when subcontractors won’t say what company they are, it leaves one to wonder about them) and with new architects working with a pre-existing structure there has to be more done than simply retooling to make it “look nice.” Still, another hideous building went up (on spec) directly across the street from this about 10 years ago, and questionable construction and cost-cutting led to a very ugly building (The interiors were shoddy, the layouts were ridiculous, and the brick facade is a mis-match of whatever bricks were on sale that week.) Yes, it took almost 2 years, but all units sold. If THAT building could find occupants in a down market I have no doubt that 701 Union will be snapped-up, no matter what. Of course, that only encourages the another developer to do the same. The dominoes keep falling…

    • It is not a massive building. The earlier construction was basically just steel and cinderblocks – so there really isnt much that could have been done that cant easily be remedied. The block is an eclectic mix of heights styles and setbacks. Therefore if the building looks anything like the rendering it should be quite nice and will add to the block.

  • The house next door is awfully narrow!

  • To Big D; Yes, there is a row of homes on fairly narrow lots on the uphill side of this building. The one immediately to the right had an additional story built on it years ago, which visually elongates it even more when viewed from the street. It’s actually quite comfortable inside., but anything would look skinny next to this new building. And Brklnmind; believe me; this is massive. It is as large as allowed on this lot. It comes further forward and further into the back, on one of the larger lots on that side of the street. The optimist in me really hopes that that this will be attractive in the end, but the realist in me has seen far too many similar disappointments.

  • This building is another structure on Union Street that looks totally out of place in Park Slope. Its tiny balconies and partial wood facade suggests that it belongs in a warmer community such as West LA or South Beach.