Bed Stuy Residents More Distressed Than Park Slopers Over Quality of Life


Nearly everyone in New York City is unhappy with the ever-rising cost of housing, but Bed Stuy residents are among the most unhappy in the city with their situations, according to a report from HR&A Advisors sponsored by a wide range of charitable organizations. As housing costs rise, the economy is getting worse, as is crime in the neighborhood, according to those surveyed.

“Residents of Bed Stuy feel strongly that they are unable to lead the life they want in their neighborhood, and that state of affairs is getting worse,” said the report. “The most pressing issue, as with all neighborhoods, is the affordability of housing, but 57 percent of residents also say that a range of issues related to jobs and the economy are bad in their neighborhood, with 53 percent saying they are getting significantly worse. Public safety and law enforcement is the third most-pressing issue in the neighborhood, with a majority of residents saying that the city’s services are bad, and 47 percent saying that the situation is trending worse.”

Just a few miles over in Carroll Gardens and Park Slope, people expressed satisfaction with the way things are going, with 50 percent saying “life in the neighborhood is good” and 40 percent saying “it is getting significantly better.” Note the median household income in the Park Slope/Carroll Gardens area is $86,401, vs. $34,314 in Bed Stuy.

The wide ranging survey of nearly 53,000 people covered a wide variety of topics, including employment, housing, education, culture, safety, parks and transportation. The Daily News and Gothamist also covered the report.

How are things going where you live and what do you think can be done to improve the quality of life in your neighborhood?

Talking Transition Data Project [Neil Donnelly]
Graphic by Neil Donnelly

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  • How much did it cost to prove that people with lower incomes and/or in gentrifying neighborhoods get the short end of the stick in life and have a more negative outlook?

  • Why is your graphic almost all red (and pink) while the Daily News graphic has several colors?

  • I would be interested in examining how people feel about crime in Bed Stuy. A cop friend told me that areas of Bed Stuy have seen increased gang activity but recourses are being pulled away from those higher crime areas to patrol a wider section of the neighborhood- which is understandable as population shifts but unfortunate for those dealing with the crime increases.

  • beware anything put out by some so-called non-profit group. Non-profit does not mean
    non-partisan or non-partial. This one sponsored by liberal Soros although most
    of these propaganda organizations supported by right-wing folks like Kochs.

    • true however Soros supports organizations and policy that does not directly benefit his bottom line (higher taxes, more regulation, etc) whereas the Kochs primarily only support policy that helps their business interests. big difference

  • this post, cate, and the original article are complete garbage. bed-stuy is getting better by the day for both new and old residents.

    • Instead of just calling it garbage, I think you need to point to some flaw in the statistical analysis. Here the poll obtained “valid” responses from over 50,000 city residents, which at first blush sounds like a robust sample. If a meaningful poll (meaning taken without lead questions or pushes) shows that over half of a neighborhood’s residents think that the ability to find a job is both bad and getting worse, that’s a very powerful fact.