Rental of the Day: 57 2nd Street, #1

This three-bedroom, two-bath triplex in Gowanus is charming and big enough for a family. Although the listing claims the apartment is in Carroll Gardens, it’s actually just over the boundary east of Hoyt and within two blocks of the canal. The apartment is spread across a parlor floor, garden floor and a furnished basement. It also has a little private garden.

The two parlor-floor bedrooms seem nicely sized. The third is located in what the listing calls the basement, but it’s below the garden floor, which technically makes it the cellar. Usually bedroom units on that level are illegal, and in this location, we’d be worried about flooding.

The kitchen has been nicely renovated and offers a Viking stove, dishwasher and washer/dryer, as well as an island for additional counter space. And it’s only two blocks from the Carroll Street F and G trains. Of course, all this space and a garden doesn’t come cheap. What’s your opinion of it for $5,500 a month?

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  • in the late 80s I lived on Sackett Street between Smith and Hoyt, and we always considered anything west of the canal to be Carroll Gardens. But back then, was no such designation as “Gowanus”. we just called the neighborhood
    ” Third Avenue”

  • still the same now except for brownstoner and some other websites….anyone who lives here says carollgardens

  • I was thinking the same thing. People I know who live on this block (as well as on the same block on 2nd and on DeGraw) say Carroll Gardens.

    Is it maybe because Hoyt has been the dividing line between the elementary schools 32 and 58? Seems unlikely.

  • $5,500 for two legal bedrooms seems bonkers.

  • Is there a floorplan I’m not seeing? If I’m reading this right, the top floor is occupied, which I”m guessing means those tenants use the stoop entrance and the triplex uses the garden entrance. That means the parlor floor is even that much smaller for the triplex. For $5500 I sure don’t want tenants stomping around above the bedrooms.

    • yeah, that’s right. looks like parlor floor bedrooms, garden level kitchen/living room, illegal subgrade bedroom plus playroom. The “windows” into the cellar must be below-grade light wells. So somebody would be living above the bedrooms. $5500 seems like a lot, but somebody will probably pay it.

  • This is my childhood home, my parents owned it for over 40 years. There are no light wells in the “cellar”, as the “garden floor” is slightly below street level. When I lived there it was just that, a cellar, with concrete floors, a noisy oil burner and lots of dark scary corners ….. that doesn’t change the fact that this was a home filled with much happiness and love. Lots of luck to the next residents, may they make the same wonderful memories there that my family did.

  • There are indeed “lightwells” which used to be the coal shoot in the front and the ventilation/access port in back. In fact they are two “skylights” that can be opened for ventilation. Tthe cellar has been excavated and has a ceiling height in excess of 8′. This block of 2nd St. is lovely and has a very engaged community, including a New Year’s Eve party with a ball drop and a famous block party in late summer. One of the nicest and most charming blocks in all of Carroll Gardens. And there’s little to no risk of flooding given that the street slopes significantly and the house is located at the top of a hill. Not a broker, btw, just someone who lived in this apt.