Rental of the Day: 471 Bergen Street, #4A

This new three-bedroom duplex in western Crown Heights offers tons of space and natural light. There are two balconies and plenty of room for living and dining. However, the kitchen doesn’t seem to have much built-in storage or counter space. The broker claims the bedrooms are large with great closet space, but it’s hard to tell from the photos. The rent is high for Crown Heights but might be worth it for someone who wants the balconies and large living area. What are your thoughts on it for $4,050 a month?

471 Bergen Street, #4A [Elliman] GMAP

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  • Those stairs would scare the hell out of me.

  • I suppose you could add freestanding lower cupboard storage, and counter space, with a Long Island (love how that automatically gets capitalized on this site) extending out from the wall parallel to the kitchen wall, if there is enough room there under the stairs, a big if.

    Since it says 2 berm, flex 3, I’m guessing it is 2, with the flex 3 being making that living room you see there into a bedroom, not a very attractive proposition, but probably the only way they can sell this crazy price – to three young adult roommates.