Rental of the Day: 1172 Eastern Parkway, #2

This three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in Crown Heights is a decent renovation that’s close to the subway. It has a large, long common area that looks like it’s been staged with furniture from the ’60s, and the kitchen offers a nice amount of cabinet space and stainless steel appliances.

Not everyone will love the bathroom reno, but at least it’s new. The apartment also comes equipped with central air, washer/dryer, dishwasher, basement storage and optional parking (for an extra $100). This pad seems overpriced for east of Utica, but it will probably still rent. What are your thoughts on it for $2,850 a month?

1172 Eastern Parkway, #2 [Corcoran] GMAP

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  • Oh My! Since when does a sprinkler pipe and ac ducting replace crown moldings? And what is the name of the company that “staged” this apartment? Or does dragging in a few chairs constitute staging these days? Whatever…
    It will rent at that price but the whole place gives me the chills, and not in a good way.

  • Yeah, what Tsarina said.

    I happen to like exposed brick in small doses, but now it seems that every flipper in Brooklyn is tearing down plaster like there’s no tomorrow. It’s really a cheap way of looking “hip” and “modern” and it’s starting to get on my nerves.

    This place looks more like a doctor’s waiting room than an apartment. Staging 101 – learn staging.

    Also, with the aforementioned exposed brick – when you expose the brick on the front and/or back of a building, it causes massive drafts. They plastered it for a reason, ya know. Exposing the brick on the side walls, as cliched as it is getting, makes much more sense.

  • Tsarina and Montrose just about said it all. That exposed ducting AC looks horrendous, especially since this is not a converted factory/loft. Drafts will definitely be a problem with that exposed brick front. The bathroom is pretty awful and, since there are supposed to be two of them, I suppose this is the “better” one. I’ve often been by this building numerous times since I live so close by. The front door looks really horrible and is totally out of character with the building. One wonders what got into the guys who renovated this place. Still, given the size of the apartment, a location which is really convenient, and the relatively cheap rent, this apartment will go pretty quickly in my opinion.