New Look for Four Traditional Townhouses Going up on Degraw Street


The look of the four new-construction but traditionally styled townhouses going up on Degraw Street has changed. Also, it turns out that each one will in fact be a single-family house, not apartments, according to a teaser site that went up recently on Corcoran. Thanks to a commenter for pointing us to the new site.

Now the buildings are all red brick, with what looks like brownstone details, including Neo-Grec-Italianate style doorways.

Other details: There will be two fireplaces in each approximately 3,800-square-foot home. If we read the copy correctly, there will be four bedrooms and 3.5 baths. They will have energy saving tankless water heaters, central air, high-end appliances, and “designer” lighting.

The addresses of the four town homes are 449, 451, 451a and 453 Degraw, between Hoyt and Bond. Construction is supposed to wrap in the fall.

Click through to the jump to see the previous rendering. We think the redesigned exteriors are a big improvement. Do you agree?

449 Degraw [Corcoran]
Another New Townhouse Development Is in the Works [Brownstoner] GMAP
Rendering via Corcoran

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  • Certainly looks better in the new rendering.

    Does anyone care to take a guess how much they will ask for these? I assume they will aim for over the max price on these blocks (there was a Sackett house that closed for around $2.5 earlier this year).

    I do have two quibbles (about which there is nothing to do now) — (a) there should be a _lot_ more energy efficiency in these buildings. E.g., given the width of the lot, this is one of the few places where there’s enough room in the infill lot to install ground source heat pumps (and no underground subways etc for some distance). It would have added maybe maximum $100K to the construction cost for all four buildings and complemented nicely the HVAC systems. It’s foolish that there are not better ways to nudge energy efficiency in this way. Similarly, it’s hard to tell how easily or difficult it would be to add solar water heaters or solar panels to the buildings — it would be nice if this was at least designed to accommodate that.

    (b) at least some of these should have been designed as 2-families. Minor quibble and I assume the developers believe that they will get more for 1 families.

  • I agree, it is much nicer than the first rendering. Hope they turn out well!

  • Lets wait to see what actually gets built here, but agree the new rendering are an improvement

    From the rendering and the broker babble on Corcoron, it looks like the plan is for below-grade garden-level space with mechanicals in a basement below. I live up the block from here and know that will be a problem for at least two reasons: 1) the site is very close to the Gowanus and is certainly a risk for flooding; 2) the site is above some kind of underground spring or stream. Old-timers on the block told me they used to swim in a swimming hole there back in the day. And during heavy rains, there was noticeable ponding on the location.

    And why does anyone need 3800 feet to live in? Why doesnt the developer build build it and get a CO for a 2 family to allow for the possibility of rental income.

    They will ask a lot for these ($3 million +) but you would have to be out of your mind to pay that much for this location. But they will get it.