Mayor’s Office: Bed Stuy’s Streets Among Dirtiest in New York City


“Bed Stuy’s a pigsty,” declared DNAinfo, based on the latest report from the mayor’s office. Borough Park, Midwood, Kensington, and parts of Crown Heights and Flatbush weren’t much better, according to the report. In contrast, the Bronx, Queens, and the Upper East Side were sparkling clean.

In Community Board 83, which includes Stuyvesant Heights, only 85.1 percent of the streets were deemed “acceptable.”

Really? We live in Bed Stuy and the streets look pretty good to us, especially in Stuy Heights. Bed Stuy is a huge area, and includes busy areas such as Fulton Street and Nostrand, above, but seems clean compared to the rat- and litter-covered Upper East Side. Maybe the marks are some kind of temporary aberration: Bed Stuy scored 92.8 percent in the early part of the year.

What parts of Brooklyn do you think need cleaning up?

Bed Stuy Streets Some of the City’s Dirtiest, Report Says [DNAinfo]

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  • I do think you have some of the prettiest blocks in all of Brooklyn in Stuy Heights, But the sanitation does an awful job with it’s pickup. I am really happy to know that people are starting to notice and maybe get the people responsible for the sanitation pick up in this area to do a better job!

  • Williamsburg is either a close second or should have taken the top prize but they forgot to check it. Seriously filthy trash blowing everywhere. In our defense, it does appear people attempt to use the trash cans, however the city dumps them maybe twice a week so every day at the Graham, Lorimer, and Bedford stops every can is overflowing and the wind blows trash everywhere. I dont think I’ve ever seen anyone actually just throw something on the ground, but see them toss trash into the overflowing piles at every can all the time and then watch the wind blow it down the streets into the neighborhoods. I think the city trash pickup schedule for Williamsburg was maybe created in the 80’s when there was half as many people living here and that’s what they still stick with. It really needs twice a day around the train stops.

  • When I lived there, my block on Stuyvesant between Halsey and Macon was exceptionally clean but that was because the neighbors and I always kept it that way. Halsey seemed to be always rather littered. But I would have to say that I see a lot more trash around on sidewalks in Park Slope than I did at least between my house and my walk to the A train in Fulton Park.

  • It’s really bad along the stretch of Myrtle Avenue west of the Myrtle G train stop.

  • I completely agree with the report from the mayor’s office.
    Some streets are clean not because of the City’s efforts to keep the area clean but rather the residents being more attentive to their neighbourhood. In general though, Bed Stuy is indeed much dirtier than areas such as Park Slope, Fort Greene, etc….let’s hope the new mayor pays more attention to Bed Stuy and other up and coming areas.

  • A city-wide evening out of resources between Manhattan and the other boroughs would do much to solve this problem.

  • I don’t think that the DOS is really the problem… They seem to do a really good job. Can you image the filth they have to deal with? Take the intersection near my place, Fulton Nostrand, which has improved greatly since the BID was formed. It’s still dirty but it’s nowhere near like it was. Daily sweepers have made an enormous difference. That said, it’s not just trash making Bed-Stuy streets dirty. There is spit all over the sidewalk the likes of which I just don’t see elsewhere in the city. I’d take extra trash on the street any day over stepping in someone’s disgusting phlegm and snot and tracking that into my home. Now THAT’S dirty.

  • I completely agree. Bedford Ave can be nasty. It sucks when people use a public corner trash can to dispose of things like tires and furniture. It also sucks when people throw trash in a pile on the curb, forgoing the garbage bag.

  • The west side of Bed Stuy from Classon to Nostrand is pretty dirty.

  • Park Slope’s 7th Avenue from Flatbush to Prospect Avenue has got to be one of the filthiest commercial streets in Brooklyn. Especially the strip between Union Street and 9th Street. And the laziest landlords happen to be the numerous cell phone stores and those that support franchises like Starbucks, Cheeburger Cheeburger, Rite Aid and Subway. Unbelievable what slobs these people can be.

  • It’s not DOS’ fault–it’s the people who don’t care. Garbage gets collected 3 days/week and streets are swept 4x/week in Stuy Heights.

    I had to dodge numerous human feces on the DeKalb sidewalk near the Kosciuszko pool today. Brings new meaning to dropping the kids at the pool.

    • Classon to Tompkins is really dirty. It is not adequately street swept. The edge of the parks and gardens pile garbage. The projects are actually cleanest bc they have paid sidewalk cleaners. Bids and paid cleaners are needed for the rest. Bedford doesn’t have as many retired grandmas cleaning the streets all day like Stuyvesant heights does

      • On a related topic…. I don’t understand why its up to me to repair the sidewalk. The side walks not my house, its public. And, if I do have to repair it, it should be considered an extension of my house and I should be allowed to drink on it.

  • I think 7th ave in Park Slope would be a lot less littered if there were trash cans on 6th and/or 8th aves. It’s ridiculous that there aren’t, especially at major intersections such as Union and 9th Streets. Also the garbage cans on 7th are completely overflowing at least by Sunday and the trash falls or gets blown out. That said, I think business owners on 7th could also do a better job keeping their sidewalks clean.

  • Huh, that’s strange. We have four-day-a-week “street cleaning.”

  • Bath beach / bensonhurst the intersection at 86th Street and Bay parkway is absolutely the most disgustiniest area around. They have 2 trash cans on all four corners, yet there is litter all over the place. the TD Bank is a complete pig stuy with papers all over the place.

    I have been living in this neighborhood for the last 25 years and it has gone down hill every year.
    Our community board does nothing for us

  • It’s really the people’s low education level and the ensuing lack of respect for others and environment. I see young and old people walking out of a bodega with a bag of chips and soda can and throwing it out in the street as soon as they’re done with it. Or spitting the gum on the sidewalk, dropping cigarette packs in the middle of the street, not cleaning up after their dog. I also walk past the projects on my way to the subway, now THAT is a sight. “Pigsty” is a gentle term for it.
    I’ve lived in several poor countries in E. Europe and Asia where there were no public/city cleaning services but they were infinitely cleaner than Bed Stuy.

    • Uh Asia is disgustingly dirty… bedstuy, is enclave in the worlds wealthiest first world country and located in prime territory of the largest metropolis. Unless you are referring exclusively of Japan many areas of Asia have no clean water and raw sewage flowing freely through streets… diseases which were eradicated in the US remain threats as well as diseases which you are almost certain to catch ie typhoid. A cigarette wrapper is the last think to worry about there… in bed stay, you can drink tap water.

  • I live in Stuyvesant Heights. I’ve never seen it dirtier. I actually thought “pig sty” to myself walking around the other day. I thought it may have been related to the holidays and extra garbage combined with the snowfall and late garbage pick up, but it seems to be a general problem.