In Brownsville, Mayor Announces Stop and Frisk Reform


At the Brownsville Recreation Center in Brownsville yesterday, Mayor de Blasio announced the city would drop its appeal of lawsuits over stop and frisk. The location of the announcement was significant because an eight-block area of Brownsville had the highest concentration of stop and frisks in the city, according to a 2010 New York Times report. Above, Brownsville’s main thoroughfare, Pitkin Avenue, in September 2012.

Police Commissioner Bratton was on hand and said in a prepared statement: “We will not break the law to enforce the law. That’s my solemn promise to every New Yorker, regardless of where they were born, where they live, or what they look like. Those values aren’t at odds with keeping New Yorkers safe — they are essential to long-term public safety.”

In a separate but related development, Bratton said the department will no longer send rookies out to blanket high crime areas such as Brownsville, Ocean Hill and Bushwick as part of Operation Impact, where they are liable to make mistakes. Instead, they will send more experienced officers.

In Brownsville, Mayor Announces Settlement of Stop and Frisk [NY Times]
Bratton Tells Chiefs He’ll Stop Sending Rookies to High-Crime Areas [NY Times]

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  • Good luck with that.

    Yes, it should have been limited to weapons possession only. Now that’s gone and by definition, fewer weapons will come off the streets. “These neighborhoods” will see the biggest problems with weapons and killings.

  • The stop and frisk reforms have been well publicized, but replacing rookies with experienced officers for things like Operation Impact, which I hadn’t heard of before, may be equally, or more, significant. It stands to reason that rookies, in their early 20s, will make lots of mistakes, which tend to put the department in disrepute. Good move IMO!

  • It’s mind-boggling to me that the City ever thought it was a good idea to send the least experienced officers into the highest crime areas. These are great improvements!

  • Why would anyone want to object to stop and frisk? It would make your neighborhood safer. We all will thank Mayor Bloomberg for using the tax money collected from the wall street to make the neighborhood like Brownsville safer. I don’t understand this new Mayor.