House of the Day: 376 Union Street

We’ve seen very few Carroll Gardens brownstones whose mid-19th century Italianate details have survived being chopped up into apartments in the 20th century, but 376 Union Street appears to be one of them. It’s not one of the grander Italianates with gigantic proportions and elaborate plasterwork, but all the details appear to be intact, including shutters, wood work, marble mantels and a matching pair of Neo-Grec-style mirrors in the parlor.

The owner’s kitchen looks dated and there are no bathroom photos, but everything (save two cracks on a bedroom wall) appears to be in very good condition. It’s set up as a rental over an owner’s triplex. It’s also centrally located on Union between Hoyt and Smith.

For $2,500,000, it seems like this ought to fly off the shelves. What do you think?

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Building of the Day: 376 Union Street [Brownstoner]

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  • Great house. I love that the pier mirror and fireplace mirrors are lovely natural wood, not painted over. And the homeowners have COLOR on the walls of the parlor floors, not white on white on white. Color! Nice colors. Thank you.

    This is a nicely proportioned house. Since money seems to be no object to many people, I don’t see this on the market for long. One might want to upgrade in the usual places, but what’s there will certainly do, if you use your last dime to get the place. Very nice.

  • The kitchen’s not my taste but otherwise a beauty. Not thrilled with a top floor tenant either from the stairway/privacy aspect.

  • Wouldn’t call it a steal – it’s appropriately priced for a 16 footer in the PS32 zone.

    Agree with my friend MM – this is exactly the size house I dream of having *(not thatI’ll be tripling my square footage anytime soon).

  • 376 Union Street [Corcoran] link = “Oops, We can’t find the page you’re looking for…”

  • Lovely house in many, many ways, but after visiting it in person I think it’s a stretch to say it’s a rental over an owner’s triplex. The “rental” tenant would not have a real kitchen or a private entry – they would have to traipse through the owner’s front door and up two flights of shared stairs. This house would work much better for a modern family if it had the kitchen on the parlor floor instead of in the basement (which, unlike the top floor, would be a great rental unit). Unfortunately, to do that you would have to either put on an extension or convert part of that lovely dining room. Still, if money were no object I’d put a kitchen on the parlor floor and re-vamp the top floor as a master suite – something else the house is seriously lacking. Many of the finishes also sorely needed renovation.

  • yeah, for a 17 footer its not priced too wildly. The garden floor shot with the bad tile job and crusty kitchen says gut to me, if you assume the master is on the top floor that’s a lot of vertical ground to cover. Looks like floorplan shows that it has the top floor kitchen to properly finance as a 2-fam, but i think this all would be worth more as a single fam, so i’d be looking for any previous work that might raise flags when i convert. Other than that, bring it on!