Condo of the Day: 225 Eastern Parkway, #2J

We wish the kitchen had been renovated differently, but other than that this two-bedroom condo at 220 Eastern Parkway (in Crown Heights, not Prospect Heights as the listing claims) looks like a great bang for the buck. The 1,435-square-foot prewar pad is asking $899,000. In addition to the bedrooms and the living room, there’s a full-sized dining room and a 36-foot-long entry foyer.

225 Eastern Parkway, #2J [Corcoran] GMAP

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  • Eh, I’m not terribly impressed. Biggest downside for me is only one bathroom. Also the kitchen and building are pretty ugly in my opinion. And a hallway does not a “gallery” make.

  • The eastern exposure faces the grimy courtyard of the neighboring building, while the western exposure faces into this building’s courtyard — which is more attractive but still an interior view. However it’s a lot of square footage for a 2-bed and of course buyers could make it into a 3-bed by sacrificing the living room. Agree it needs an extra bathroom. Has anybody heard that this building is looking down the barrel of significant deferred maintenance?