Co-op of the Day: 5 Stratford Road, #16

Here’s a cute starter family apartment right on the Parade Grounds in Caton Park. The top-floor pad has two bedrooms along with lots of windows and lots of light–and a good deal of prewar charm to boot. The asking price is $439,000 and monthly maintenance is just $739. Pretty good, right?

5 Stratford Road, #16 [Corcoran] GMAP

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  • I have no idea if this is a good price for this apartment but to call it a two-bedroom is really a bit deceiving. This is a one bedroom apartment where the original living room is being used as a bedroom and the dining room is now serving as both living and dining. This is what is often termed a “junior 4”.

  • that is not a living / dining.
    it is one or the other, not both

  • Looks like another case of a price that needs to start with a 3, not a 4. The listing says “Great closet space” but I don’t think anybody who looks at the floorplan is going to say that.

  • Is Caton Park a new fake neighborhood, or a real one that is just so small (i.e. one block wide) that I have never heard of it?

  • Caton Park = the part of Flatbush that hasn’t yet been renamed something else. Can’t call it Flatbush. Caton Park it is!

    Nice to be close to the park I guess, although the Parade Ground isn’t really “the park”. Also, lots of your neighbors are really run down apartment buildings and nursing homes. No thanks.

  • Yes, what a wonderful deal. For $3000 a month, a small family (that hopefully has no plans on ever getting bigger) can own a small 2 bedroom apartment a full 10 minute walk from any subway and a full hour from midtown in a neighborhood that can at best be described as close to other neighborhoods that are transitional. What an amazing deal.