City Requests Proposals to Improve BAM Park in Fort Greene

The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership is looking for civil engineers and landscape architects to redesign and reopen the currently closed BAM Park at Fulton and Lafayette, according to an RFP issued Monday. The 14,000-square-foot triangular park sits on top of the Fulton Street G train top, which has apparently made the park unsafe for pedestrians.

The chosen engineers and architects will have to come up with a plan to repair the “subsurface conditions” which currently make the park unsafe to walk on. The plan should also strengthen the park’s visual link to the surrounding neighborhood and create welcoming places for pedestrians and possible performance space.

Plans should include measures to protect the subway infrastructure and the existing adult trees. The Department of Housing Preservation and Development will oversee design and construction, and the Parks Department will maintain the space. The revamp will take about nine months, according to HPD. Proposals are due by February 6.

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  • Didn’t even know this was closed. Lived a block from there for 10 years, only been in there once. Like 10 years ago. If being on top of the G stop makes it unsafe, why was it ever open in the first place? Have the tree roots gone down too far?

    • You can scroll down to the end of the RFP to see the geological survey. From what I can tell, the soil has settled in an unstable way because “demolition debris” were used to fill the site and there’s a layer of boulder roughly 12 feet underground. They also note the tree roots may have caused the pavement to shift, and I’m sure vibration from the subway has played a role.