A Manhole Exploded Yesterday at Court and Union Streets in Carroll Gardens

A reader sent us these photos of a manhole explosion yesterday afternoon at Court and Union Streets in Carroll Gardens. Can anyone give us any more details about what happened? More pictures after the jump.

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  • i once accidentally walked into a bar called the manhole and my manhole became very frightened. it did not explode though. i’ll tell you where most manhole explosions happen in nyc – and it isn’t chelsea – its those gnarly nasty corner deli’s. talk about timed explosions – and why is it that they don’t get graded like other nyc restaurants?

    sorry, way OT. ….back to this particular manhole.

  • Yes I have flame shots of it from my house across the street..how do I send it to you
    First thumps that sounded / felt like someone up in the roof garden dropping something heavy onto the roof and again a few minutes later..then maybe 5 minutes later a real big one so I dressed to go up and saw the fire dept there looking at an area taped off with a few cones and a garbage can They left and maybe 45 minutes the rapid popping explosions started and maybe 8’flames from the hole that was opened up.. Flames and a big explosion and it would put out the fire..the smoke would darken and belch from the hole. To be ignited into flame again by the next little pop… This went on for hours..then the pops seemed to be lighter and more underground and the flames quieted…
    Power has been restored to a few buildings on the south side…and the are still working on more complete repairs it seems. Con ed worked through the night with a large team of I’m sure very cold guys… Making it happen