Weeksville Struggles with Dwindling Funding

Weeksville Heritage Center is facing a shrinking budget just as it opens a brand new museum building, the New York Times reported. The historical nonprofit has an annual budget of $1 million, down from $1.6 million, as funding sources have dried up. It’s been forced to lay off half of its 13 staff members and change some of their schedules from full time to part time. And Weeksville’s longtime executive director, Pamela Green, left this summer to care for her aging mother in Mississippi.

WHC has tried to get city funding by joining the Cultural Institutions Group, a list of institutions that gets financial and technical assistance from the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs, but was unsuccessful. The chairman of the board said he hopes the incoming director will be able to boost funding. Weeksville hosted a ribbon cutting for the new 23,000-square-foot, $34,000,000 building just two weeks ago on December 11.

Weeksville Black History Site Hobbled by Dip in Donations [NY Times]
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  • Montrose Morris

    This is a downright shame. They shouldn’t be having funding problems. Not because they’re doing anything wrong, but because they are a very important city institution that should be getting the same kind of attention from funders and city agencies that places like the Brooklyn Museum, the Met, the Museum of the City of NY gets. It’s a unique institution.

    Where’s the big money from the black community? Hey, Jay Z, P Diddy, Kanye and all you big talkers and spenders – here’s where your money should be going, not the Barclay Center, not for self-aggrandizing parties and social events with the rest of the 1 %. This is an important cultural facility. Not only for black Americans, but everyone. Get the new building named after you, give them money to keep staff and research going. Fund them for a year. Then I’ll have some respect for you.

  • This is a national treasure, but people in BK don’t even know about it. They need to market this place properly and modify their hours, maybe Thurs-Sunday?