Rental of the Day: 1178 Dean Street, #4

This three-bedroom, two-bath apartment in northern Crown Heights is spacious but pricey for the hood. It’s the top-floor apartment in a townhouse that appears to have been completely gutted and chopped up from a two-family into four apartments. But the 1,500-square-foot pad has some nice amenities. The kitchen and bathroom are completely new, and there’s a dishwasher and central A/C. It even has a little private terrace. The bedrooms seem decently sized, and the living room looks pretty large. Do you think it will rent for $3,994 a month?

1178 Dean Street, #4 [Keller Williams] GMAP

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  • Definitely seems pricey for the location…would need to be closer to Franklin/E.Pkwy at least. I’m not even sure similar units near those streets are fetching $4k/mo. (unless rent has gone up more than I imagined)

  • Montrose Morris

    Great block, fantastic George Chappell houses which are finally almost all being restored and lived in again. I’m really happy about that, but the price is high. Which is not to say they won’t get it, nowadays. I guess if three people split it, it’s around $1332/mo. each, which still ain’t cheap for a neighborhood with a median income of under $40K a year. They aren’t marketing to the old Crown Heights, that’s for sure.

    My old hood is absolutely out of reach for me and most people I know. My mortgage for my four story limestone was only a couple of hundred dollars more than this. Four thousand dollars a month? Sheesh.

  • I rent out a two bedroom, one bath for $1,350 two blocks away–this is a bit pricey.