Lightstone Begins Demolition in Gowanus

Lighstone has demolished the first of two old brick warehouses on Bond Street between 1st and 2nd streets in Gowanus, to make way for their 700-unit rental development, Pardon Me For Asking reported. Demolition work began earlier this week but hit a snag on Tuesday.

The demolition crew broke a water main and flooded the entire southwest end of the site, with water flowing down 2nd Street and into the canal, according to Gowanus Your Face Off. GYFO also got some great photos of the flooding, which of course happened while it was snowing.

The 100-year-old warehouse at 365 Bond Street has been reduced to a pile of rubble, and the adjacent warehouse at 363 Bond will likely be taken down in the next couple days, PMFA predicted.

After the jump, we’ve included a photo of the warehouse when it was still standing and another one of the demolition site.

Photos by Katia Kelly for Pardon Me For Asking


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  • oh goodie, more highrises, more transplants. Just what we need here…….like we don’t have enough people living here.

    come move to a brand spanking new rental along the banks of a toxic canal that is a super fund site and stroll along the banks of the canal as you breath in the ever so sweet fumes of raw sewerage.

    People need to read up on “Love Canal”. Any native Brooklynite would never live there, just retarded transplants that have not a clue.

    now while the idea sounds nice, high rise on the banks of a canal. lets face the truth here, the canal hasn’t even begun to get cleaned up, and even when it is cleaned, they still claim it will not be that safe.