House of the Day: 730 Hancock Street

Today’s HOTD is yet another apparently well maintained Bed Stuy beauty that has been in the same family for many years. We see original Lincrusta (or Anaglypta) in the entry hall, wood work with exuberant crown moldings that could perhaps be described as Egyptian, plaster medallions that recall the Neo-Grec, original doors, parquet, plaster cornices, and a slate mantel that still has its original faux painting.

The listing says nothing about mechanicals, but the bathroom and kitchen shown have been updated. There is a wood deck on the parlor floor, and a landscaped backyard. The ground floor is currently being used as a daycare, and the wood work could probably use stripping. The listing claims it’s located in Stuy Heights, but it’s well east of that.

For $999,000, what do you think of it?

730 Hancock Street [Corcoran] GMAP

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  • SewardWasRight

    Is Stuyvesant Heights different from Stuyvesant? If so, what are the boundaries for each? Everyone I’ve spoken to considers Stuyvesant to run east to the “boundaries” of Ocean Hill (around Saratoga Ave.).

  • nalusurf

    Cate, I was under the impression that Stuyvesant Heights’ east-most boundary was more west of this HOTD’s address. Did the recent expansion of SH historical area move to include this area as well? Or, would this be considered to be more in the proposed Stuyvesant East area? Thanks!

    • Cate

      People have different opinions of the exact boundaries of Stuyvesant Heights. Until recently it was anything in the original historic district. In the 19th century the original Stuyvesant Heights was bigger. But in modern usage, it doesn’t go East past Malcolm X and may even stop at Stuyvesant, depending on your point of view.

  • SewardWasRight

    Ya, a lot of people confuse the boundaries of “Stuyvesant Heights” with the boundaries of the Stuy-Heights Historic District (which recently expanded). The Historic District is within Stuyvesant Heights which is much bigger than that and goes further east. Cate is correct in that the boundaries were much more liberal back when they were building the area. It stretched to Ocean Hill at Saratoga Ave, only because there really was no set boundary beyond the area being east of Bedford. And Ocean Hill was created out of whole cloth by realtors. There was even an area called “New Brooklyn” that was south of Stuy Heights around where Brevoort Housing Project is today. Again, it all depends upon who you believe. Rebecca is probably relying upon one source. PropertyShark has the boundaries going to Ocean Hill.. And as Cate says, some say it goes to Reid Ave./Malcolm X.

  • Cate

    Stuyvesant Heights is the area around Bainbridge, Halsey, Lewis and Stuyvesant and the Utica stop. This house is located in east Bed Stuy.