House of the Day: 4011 Atlantic Avenue

Time for a little holiday getaway. This four-bedroom, four-bath vacation home located in the Sea Gate area of Coney Island has some unusual and whimsical touches. It also happens to be owned by Emmanuel Garofalo, who The New York Daily News called a “known Gambino crime family mobster.”

There are a few chandeliers strewn about, but overall the feeling is cheerful, casual and bright, as one might expect of a seaside lair. There is an iridescent blue and black bath whose coloring recalls fish scales or mermaids. The tile in the master bath appears to be printed with faces from famous Italian art.

There is a parquet floor in the media room, and the entry hall has a leaded glass door and transoms and what appears to be a slate floor. The cabinetry’s pneumatic legs make the black and silver kitchen look as if it’s about to achieve liftoff.

Do you find it appealing for $1,198,000?

4011 Atlantic Avenue [Keller Williams] GMAP

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  • The bathrooms are hi-day-ous, but the rest is surprisingly non-awful.

  • I noticed in the pics that there is a big empty lot across the street right on the ocean. In Google maps there is a house on the lot which I assume was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. If something is built on the oceanfront lot, I wonder how high off the ground they will have to make the first floor. I also wonder how much water this house took on during the storm.

  • Who are all those people’s faces on the tiles in the master bath? People now sleeping with the fishes? Creepy!! I guess you would have to pry each of those out and replace them with something else, that is unless you like your bath to be adorned with people you don’t know. Weird.

  • Congratulations Cate! You’ve brought Brownstoner to a new low. How about focusing on writing quality articles about real estate and architecture instead of perpetuating stereotypes and promoting ethnic smears?

    • I disagree, Adrienne. What Cate wrote is essential information for anyone thinking of buying this particular property. Not highlighting this information would be offensive and ridiculous, particularly in light of his conviction!

      • It may fall under what is required for full disclosure. A house near my Bucks County, PA home was sold after there had been a shooting there and the buyers found out after closing, took it to the coursts and won to have the sale reversed and that changed real estate disclosure rquirements throughout the country.

  • Yes, it’s always been a dream of mine to have a holiday getaway in the Greater Seagate Area.

    What’s especially appealing are the clusters of NYCHAs you’ll pass on your drive getting there; bulletproof glass should be seriously considered.

    Just lovely!

  • I don’t think it’s “perpetuating stereotypes and promoting ethnic smears” when you call a guy who pled guilty to extortion & intimidation (and whose brother was killed by the mob) a mobster. Especially when you’re quoting a published description in a newspaper. Even if that paper is the Daily News.