Has Work Started up Again at Bed Stuy’s Tallest Ghost Town?

Could work finally be starting again at 339 Greene Avenue, the 12-story high-rise that has been under construction in Bed Stuy for more than five years? When we stopped by recently, we noticed workers on the site. And earlier this month, the DOB approved three new alteration type 2 permits. The 57-unit project has been stop and go since 2010 when it ran into some financial difficulties. Construction will hopefully wrap up under a new developer, Bonjour Capital. Bonjour acquired the development in May for $16,000,000, according to public records.

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  • Extensive work started late summer– several windows being replaced. Not surprising that they have to do a lot of repair work– the building has been idle for years. Construction worker claims rooms are tiny– no surprise there. Rumor is rentals will be ready first quarter 2014

  • The construction fence finally came down about three weeks ago. After looking at that ugly fence for so long, it was really surprising to see a wall of glass on the first floor with HUGE available commercial space. And the wide & open sidewalk is great.