Bed Stuy SRO Sells for $1.55 Million, Over Ask, Likely a Record

04 Front Door 615 Jefferson DSC_6114-Edit

An SRO at 615 Jefferson Avenue closed Friday for $1,550,000, or $55,000 over the asking price of $1,495,000, a probable record for an SRO in Bed Stuy. The gorgeous Romanesque Revival sandstone house belonged to photographer David Armstrong and inspired a book named after the house address. The house had been used as a one-family for the past 13 years and came with a certificate of non-harassment. It was designed by Brooklyn architect Isaac Delamater Reynolds in 1891, according to the listing. It was a House of the Day in October.

Photo by Evans & Nye

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  • Bob Marvin

    Beautiful house! I love that old-fashioned-looking kitchen which, IMO (a minority opinion, I’m aware) is far more suited to an old house than something that could fit into a high rise condo, or suburban tract house. Mine is something like that and will remain that way, although I have nothing as striking as that red Chambers range ( I wish I could get one, but. @ 37-1/2″ wide it won’t fit).

    A question; this house has been used as a one family for years. Does it ever stop being considered an SRO and is that status of any real-world consequence?

    • Montrose Morris

      I love the kitchen too, Bob. It was smaller in real life than it looked in the photos, but very cute. Love the stove too. I got to see this one in person on one of my trips down to the city. It’s a great house. It still needs a lot of work, but I hope the new owners don’t take out the period charm while finishing up some of the details. The seller really knew how to play up the old house details, which of course, I loved every inch of.

      -Sigh – I guess you gotta have at least 2 million dollars to get that wonderful detail in Bed Stuy and Crown Heights now. Great for sellers, especially old timers, but as Cumberland said, “Dayum.”

    • On SRO status — no, it will never stop having consequences until the house is converted to a one-family from a legal perspective. Since there’s a certificate of non-harrassment, random people showing up claiming to live there isn’t an issue, but it will always be unable to qualify for a mortgage until the status is changed.

      With a CONH in place, though, conversion to a legal one-family is not that hard. Mystifying why the previous owner did not do so–it should have added maybe $100k to the sale price.

  • it blows my mind how beautiful this house is…relative to my crust-pad. 1.55 seems like a huge bargain..he scooped this place up for 200k in yr 2000. Dayum.

  • adam_dahill

    Congrats to my friends Morgan Munsey and Ban Leow!

    You guys are the Rockstars of Bed Stuy Real Estate.

    -Adam Dahill

  • I think this is a great deal for a place that is in a move in condition. But being a SRO requires all cash and hence eliminates a large part of the population from having the chance to buy it. If you have all cash and weren’t successful in your bid for this place, check another place, 119 Hancock, which is in a nicer location but the house requires lots of work.

  • Not a bad deal. I really love this block, i have never been inside this home but the exterior is so pretty!

  • mildredfierce

    Gorgeous house. That kitchen rocks.

  • So lets be cut through the formalities and be upfront, for the readers such as myself to aspire to buy. Can someone present a scenario of How much would want need to make in order to afford a price tag like this? Maybe 111k salary with 40k down?