Pols, Community Groups Call on State to Accelerate Atlantic Yards Affordable Housing


A band of politicians and community groups Friday said New York State should block the sale of 70 percent of Atlantic Yards and look for a local affordable housing developer with a track record to complete it, reported a number of outlets. There will be 2,250 “affordable” units in 11 planned towers. Only one tower, B2, pictured above, is currently under construction, and that one will have only 181 affordable units.

Developer Forest City Ratner initially promised to finish the project in 2016, then 2035, and now there is no set date, said The Brooklyn Paper.

“We are very focused on accelerating the housing,” Capital New York quoted Forest City spokesman Joe DePlasco as saying. The group blamed the delays on lawsuits.

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Photo by Atlantic Yards Report

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  • I’m sure the ongoing lawsuits ARE a big part of the problem. At some point, DDDB and others need to understand they are now the problem

    • What a load of crap.

      First of all, it’s just unreasonable on the face of it to think that lawsuits mean they somehow can’t afford to build the promised units without an extra TWENTY OR MORE YEARS. It’s completely disingenuous to claim that being sued could possibly be responsible for shifting the construction timeline from 2015 to 2026 to ??? If it is somehow the case that FCR’s plans could be so drastically altered by routine legal challenges—challenges that were completely foreseeable given the scale and controversy of this project—then they are simply the worst businesspeople in New York. But somehow I doubt it.

      Second of all, how wonderfully convenient to claim that the lawsuits, i.e. the one recourse left to those who believe AY has betrayed the public trust, are responsible for delaying affordable housing, i.e. the one element of the project that indisputably serves the public. This is essentially “stop hitting yourself!”-level trolling wrapped in corporate PR diction.

      And I’m a damn Nets fan.

  • “Developer Forest City Ratner initially promised to finish the project in 2016, then 20135”

    Yeah, I’m thinking 18 thousand years is not reasonable.

  • @ Dave in Bedstuy: when the lawsuit to accelerate the construction (build in original timeline) was won how can you deduce that it is preventing or delaying FCRC from building? FCRC is using ANY excuse from delivering on ALL promised benefits ; there is STILL a blighted rail yard even AFTER the arena was completed even though Eminent Domain was the stated purpose to eliminate the rail yard blight, so we’ll have a blighted rail yard for infinity it appears.