Ortner House Chops $1 Million off Price


Yesterday, Coldwell Banker Bellmarc reduced the ask on the Ortner house at 272 Berkeley Place from $4,800,000 to $3,800,000. The original price remains on the Vandenberg listing. The two firms have a co-exclusive on the listing.

272 Berkeley Place Listing [Coldwell Banker Bellmarc/Vandenberg]
The House That Helped Launch a Brownstone Revolution Is for Sale [Brownstoner]

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  • I’d think this one’s worth more than others that have gotten higher.

  • Two inexperienced brokers who have no clue of the Park Slope market. Why do sellers— in this case executors hire brokers who have never sold houses in Brooklyn?

    • why would it matter if the brokers never sold a house in Brooklyn?
      I would think that buyers in a tight market do their due diligence and go see every house they deem worthy.

    • I don’t know if I’d call them inexperienced. Vandenberg has sold many Manhattan townhouses and Dexter Guerrieri has been involved with the Brownstone Revival Coalition, which used to be THE major force behind NYC’s brownstone revival for MANY years. I presume he’s the broker because of his friendship with the Ortners.

  • well that’s embarrassing.
    oopsy, we goofed by about a million dollars.

  • halvewit— as Minard indicated they don’t know how to price hence the $1mil chop and now they have no momentum. the market is about momentum.. the pictures and the presentation could be better

  • I absolutely hate their website – for all the houses they have listed. Microscopic pictures with grainy details, no full-screen. Seriously, they look like they were taken with a camera phone. As much as Corcoran gets on my nerves, I think they have the best website of them all.