House of the Day: 473 11th Street

There’s an awful lot of fake brick and faux wood panelling in this South Slope one-family brick house, but it still manages to exude charm. Quite a bit of the original architecture is still there, including doors and decorative plaster moldings. It’s tiny, though — only 16.67 feet wide and 40 feet long, with less than 1,200 square feet of interior space in all, according to PropertyShark.

Given the size and that it needs work, we were surprised to see the ask of $1,479,000. That works out to more than $1,200 a square foot. Is that what row houses in South Slope are going for these days?

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  • Who knows? 484 11th on the same block, south side, same size house, was asking $1.55M this summer and closed for around $1.75. See here for photos: That was a 2 family, but that probably won’t deter that many buyers.

    OTOH, the PS 107 part of the listing is misleading — the north side of 11th Street below 7th Ave has been zoned for 39 for a very long time. (The south side used to be zoned for 107 but is now zoned for PS 10.)

    Maybe they are also counting on a boost from living across the street from da new mayor!

  • 11th St is a great area of Park Slope. As are all of the streets that slope down from Prospect Park from Union to 14th St. Above 7th Ave in the numbered streets is nicer I guess, but yes, this is the mayor’s block. That property tax bill of only $2800 seems crazy low, though, I don’t think that will remain for very long post-sale if they get their price.

    • Actually $2,800 is high for a house that size. Also, taxes only go up a fixed amount a year, abot 7-8% or something like that. Sounds like you may be new to these sorts of things regarding Brooklyn houses, which are much different than condos/coops in tax charges

  • lemme guess: tommy twotone sold faux brick for a living, in addition to rolls of faux brick linoleum floor.

    To me this is a condo alternative, and one bathroom doesn’t cut it. Once you reach a certain age, hosting guests the bathroom where the whole family does the nasty gets a little old after a while.

    I dunno, maybe the discount is already priced in though.