House of the Day: 1124 Prospect Place

This three story brick house has some charming details, including shutters, moldings, plasterwork and staircase. Only 16 feet wide, it’s a one-family. Several different agents list the property, including Keller Williams and Elliot Nicks. Keller Williams says it “needs some TLC” and shows photos of the kitchen and a bathroom. There was a lis pendens filed against the building last year, and it most recently changed hands for $210,000 in June, according to PropertyShark. Elliott Nicks says the house is “priced to sell.” For $699,000, do you agree?

1124 Prospect Place [Elliott Nicks] GMAP


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  • SewardWasRight

    Interesting – Keller lists the place as a 3 BR/ 1 BA, and Nicks as a 5 BR/ 3 BA. I understand you can call any large room with windows a bedroom, but it would be difficult to do that for baths. Looks like they are doing a pretty good reno there – at least paying attention to what most folks are concerned about these days. But the place is just a tad narrow and is on the wrong side of Prospect Pl. for me. But I do agree with Nicks. Easily.

  • morralkan

    It’s awfully close to the Albany housing projects … definitely not a plus!