Co-op of the Day: 446 5th Street, #2

This charming two-bedroom floor-through co-op at 446 5th Street in Park Slope hit the market earlier this month with an asking price of $697,000. It’s in great shape, having undergone a recent renovation, and is intelligently laid out. You’ve got all your classic brownstone touches like the fireplace, wood floors and plaster moldings. The kitchen, with its exposed beams and big country sink, is well done too. You like?

446 5th Street, #2 [Corcoran] GMAP

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  • Heads-up to Mr B: what’s with the lack of info in the descriptions for the “___ of the day” lately? In this one, you left out the number of bedrooms… in the 1546 Pacific rental description, you leave out the rent!
    Back in the Olde Days, that sort of info was de-rigeur in the lead paragraph…

  • For $700k I sure would prefer a real second bedroom and not a 60 square foot glorified closet.

    • As anyone knows who has shopped 2 bedroom floor through units in a row house, the 2nd bedroom is always the width of the stairwell. This one is exceptionally narrow (8’6″ is more common), but that’s the dealio when you want fractional brownstone living.

      If your requirement for the 2nd is 150-180 sq ft, you aren’t looking at a floor through – and you definitely are moving up and out of the $700K range.

  • “and is intelligently laid out”
    yeah, having to go through a bedroom to get to the only bathroom is intelligently laid out.
    *rolling eyes*

  • My thoughts, exactly, as to whether the one bathroom being en suite can ever be described as intelligently laid out.

    Also, would have preferred the bathroom to expand all the way to the back to include the window, rather than having a useless office nook, that I would just use for storage anyway. Would rather have a windowed bath and worked the storage in and around the bathroom.