Closing Bell: Traffic Safety Meeting Called After SUV Kills Child in Fort Greene

Community leaders are planning a meeting this Saturday to discuss how pedestrian and cyclist safety can be improved in Fort Greene, after a nine-year-old boy was struck and killed last weekend by a driver who jumped a curb on Dekalb Avenue. The boy, Lucian Merryweather, died at the scene, and two other pedestrians were injured, according to the Daily News. In an outpouring of community support, about 150 people attended a vigil for Merryweather held Tuesday night at the corner where the crash happened, on Dekalb and Clermont. Organizers want to use Saturday’s meeting to prepare talking points for an upcoming Town Hall meeting organized by Council Member Letitia James. On the meeting’s Facebook event page, the planners also say they want to organize a group march to the next Community Council Precinct Meeting on November 19. This Saturday’s meeting will take place from 11 am to 1 pm at 215 Cumberland Street. All the info is here on the event page.

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  • How about a meaningful attempt to stop speeding? I’ve no idea if that was a factor in this tragedy (my guess is: driving too fast, lost control, panicked, hit gas instead of brake, maybe panicked some more but that’s just a guess), but speeding kills. Last year the 88th precinct gave out a pathetic 46 speeding tickets—they could find that many speeders on De Kalb in about 15 minutes. And I say this as a car owner who likes to drive fast.

  • crazytalk – obviously the biggest scourge in this city are bike lanes and cyclists.

  • Not speeding, just bad driving.
    And I’ll bet you we’ll see the police dismiss this with ‘no criminality suspected’

    It’s time we stopped excused criminal driving, with “driver lost control of the car (if he did, he shoudn’t have been driving, barring mechanical failure)”, “didn’t see the cyclist/ped/whatever (same) or , the best one, “driver was too short to see the ped. he hit”) Insanity. Anytime a car hits an object or a person, there should be an investigation and blame assigned. How do we force the police to do this?

  • ‘blame assinged if appropriate’

  • Why not just install cameras and send out automatic speeding tickets? This can’t be that expensive in this day and age, right? It might not have stopped this tragic case, but it will cut down on the speeding.

    We were on Dekalb the evening after the accident. Suvs were still doing about 45 mph down it. A camera crew had set up in the pedestrian walkway itself, forcing people to jaywalk around them. There were buses. Bikes. It was its usual cluster.

  • I think think the dam cyclists are a PTTA all over the streets, they are not cars, this is not Europe.

    why does it always take someone to die, before a safety measure is taken.

    and don’t tell me that it wasn’t the cyclists fault the car lost control and that poor tourist from london lost both her legs, please !!! Our City streets are not wide enough for all the bike lanes we have.