Architect Proposes Modern Townhouse in Prospect Heights Landmark Area


At a Community Board Eight meeting Thursday, CWB Architects presented a modern-style townhouse to go into an empty lot in a landmarked area of Prospect Heights. The board wasn’t quite sure what to make of the proposal for 576 Carlton Avenue, according to Curbed.

The new build would be four stories and for a single family. “It’s a beautiful design, but it doesn’t seem to be in context with everything else on the block,” said board member Curtis Harris. As Curbed notes, CWB has lots of experience building in landmarked areas.

Click through to the Curbed story to see more. What do you think of the proposed design?

New House for Vacant Prospect Heights Historic District Lot [Curbed]
Rendering by CWB Architects Via Curbed

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  • This is a very good contemporary design that fits in very well. I think that the architect made a great effort of align elements of the new building with surrounding houses and keep the color scheme similar. This is a perfect example of how a modern take on a row house can fit on a block of older structures. Another thing to keep in mind is that this looks to be a block without one single architectural style anyway; it is a hodgepodge of historic styles.

  • I’ve seen the detailed renderings and I like this design too. A splash of modern can inject much needed energy into our streetscapes. The only thing that’s not so attractive (and isn’t shown in the drawing above) is an ungainly and very conspicuous bulkhead above the 4th floor (which is stepped back, hence also not visible in the drawing). I hope the architects can find a better way to create roof access. By the way, since someone is bound to ask, the curb cut exists already. In fact this lot is currently used as a parking area.

  • Looks like a nice addition to the neighborhood to me.

  • Looks good. This will add to the neighborhood. Curious to see if its gets approved…..

  • In GENERAL, design looks fine. But the beauty of contemporary “minimalist” (at least in this case) design is that it eschews decorative frills in favor of simple, elegant lines is the focus on material and craftsmanship – which are pretty hard to tell from this rendering. So until I see some actual details (wherein the devil lies), I’m not convinced. Because very often, the conceptual promise of “contemporary” masks the practical intention of “cheap”. What’s gonna differentiate this design from the prefab condo development epidemic we see in every non-landmarked area of brooklyn? And what’s gonna keep it from being, like those developments, a blemish on the neighborhood five years from now when all those exterior finishes crap out? (pun intended). It’s not gonna be the architect’s pretty rendering, or even his/her wishful specs of materials. It’s gonna be landmarks demanding the EQUIVALENT in quality to the way the adjacent buildings are built. TO LAST.

  • Just saw the CWB Architects site. Wow. Looks like it’s in good hands.

    • your previous comment is spot on…..contemporary design does mask most developers intention of cheap…. Great line….but as you noted…in this case…the architects portfolio should calm that criticism.