Sephora Opening in Park Slope?

Here’s Park Slope reports that makeup superstore Sephora is opening in the old Triangle Sports space at 182 Flatbush, across the street from the Barclays Center. The 96-year-old store shuttered last year in anticipation of the massive arena’s opening, and then sold to real estate firm RedSky Capital for a whopping $4,100,000.

Here’s Park Slope says that the windows have been papered with Sephora signs. The retailer is planning to open its first Brooklyn store at the Municipal Building on Joralemon Street this Friday. If Sephora is indeed opening here, and the signs are not just advertising for its location at the Municipal Building, this outpost will be its 20th store in the city and its second in Brooklyn.

Sephora Coming to Triangle Sporting Goods Space [Here’s Park Slope] GMAP
Photo by Here’s Park Slope

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  • Uh, they’ve been using those windows to sell advertisements for awhile now. Until very recently, they were covered with a Levis campaign, and it’s clearly not turning into a Levis store. I was under the impression that they’re just selling space on the facade, since it’s such a well-trafficked area, until they get a permanent tenent. From the Here’s Park Slope article, it looks like their main basis of fact is the Sephora ads in the windows, but those are all over Brooklyn, to advertise the new BH location. I really doubt they’re moving in there, unless they have some other source that they aren’t citing in the article.

  • HPS has since taken down the piece they ran earlier about this being the location of a new Sephora store.
    Like so many other neighborhood blogs, the urge to ‘scoop’ news exceeds the urge to verify a rumor or impression.

  • This is an epic Heres Park Slope fail. With that kind of reporting perhaps they should merge with FIPS?