Select Bus Service Lanes Are Being Painted on Nostrand Avenue

The DOT is finally painting the long-promised Select Bus Service Lanes on Nostrand Avenue in Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, and Flatbush. The project is part of the Department of Design and Construction’s larger reconstruction of Nostrand between Flushing Avenue and Eastern Parkway and from Empire Boulevard to Farragut Road. Above, a stretch of Nostrand between St. Johns and Sterling. The Select Bus route, currently served by the B44, will run from the Williamsburg Bridge to Sheepshead Bay and carry an average of 41,000 weekday riders, according to the DOT.

Select Bus Service features off-bus fare collection, limited stops and special lanes to speed up the buses. After all the construction is finished, Nostrand will have the Select Bus lanes and stations, major roadway reconstruction; new pedestrian ramps, curbs, and sidewalks; the installation of a water main; as well as new traffic lights, trees, tree pits and lighting.

The Nostrand Avenue Reconstruction Takes Off [Brownstoner]

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  • *Except in Flatbush, where the lane will be permanently blocked by double-parkers and jitney vans*

  • What a colossal waste of money! This is a commercial strip whose businesses need goods to be dropped off and delivered. Why create a bus-only lane which, if everything goes according to plan, will have extremely little traffic while the remaining lane will be gridlocked. (which produces mucho pollution) If the DOT properly prepared and repaved the roadway — north of Fulton, the street has motorists and bicyclists switching lanes about every 15 feet — Nostrand might be a decent street. Those “bumped out corners are a complete waste; they’re just a way that Bloomturd and his idiot DOT-nazi want to have permanent “facts on the ground” for us to remember them by.

  • The Select Bus Service will go a long way towards improving the lives of those who rely on the B44, which has been the recipient of several Schleppie awards from the Straphangers Campaign for being one of the least reliable busses citywide. The complainers about this change were not local merchants worried about the difficulty of getting deliveries but those coming in from out of the area and taking up precious parking on Nostrand Avenue. The Community Board heard these arguments years ago and voted – the all-day parking faction lost.

    Also note that the new bus will only go down Nostrand; it will go up Rogers (vs. NY Ave at present).

  • One does not have to allow all day parking on Nostrand. Parking meters and alternate side of the street parking should take care of that. The DOT has concerned itself only with grand projects and has showed no concern for ongoing, smaller-scale paving projects which is why streets like Nostrand have ended up in such poor shape. Even for cyclists, the situation is pretty miserable on many streets around here. A recently-reported study found NYC streets to be the 6th worse in the nation. Transportation in the city would be a lot smoother, for both motor and foot-powered vehicles, if the DOT-nazi had allocated money for normal maintenance instead of for corner bump-outs, unneeded street piazzas, and paint all over the place.