Sliding-Scale Private Middle School to Open in Fort Greene Near Navy Yard

Greene Hill School, a private elementary school a block south of the Navy Yard, tells us they’re expanding to include a middle school. The school, which has a sliding tuition scale based on income, currently serves 100 children in pre-K through fifth grade. They just started accepting applications for their first sixth grade class, to start in fall 2014. By 2016, they will have a comprehensive pre-K through eighth grade program. Greene Hill occupies a 19th-century Catholic school building at 39 Adelphi Street, which they rent from the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. However, the school is independent and not affiliated with a religious group. For more information, check out their admissions page and the brochure (PDF) for the new middle school. GMAP

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  • I’m not sure what it means–or rather, I have some opinions on what it means that I don’t feel like sharing with the class that cares about private schools–the class of people who shop locally for everything *except* their schools… but here is a rough list of all of the private options now available in the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene/Bed Stuy nexus, for those of you who can’t handle public school because the lunch trays might not be compostable and god knows if they offer organic milk and no sugar snack, and… you know, it’s a great choice for some, but just not for YOUR family.

    1.) Greene Hill
    2.) Brooklyn Free
    3.) Waldorf
    4.) the one that offers science and Mandarin and French, whose name I forget
    5.) Co-Op School
    6.) Rad School
    7.) The other homeschooling project like Rad School whose name I forget.

    Am I forgetting any?

  • What an odd set of comments, Heather. There are lots of reasons that people choose certain schools (public and private), including finding a learning environment that works well for their kids. Having another great option in the neighborhood — this one with both a middle school (unlike several on your list) and sliding scale tuition options as well as academic independence — seems like a real positive for the community.

  • I’ve seen so many ads for this new middle school I’m wondering if they aren’t getting a big response.

    • I’m sure that they’re getting a fantastic response. At the end of the day, you have to pick the school that seems in tune with what you think your children might need. If you think your children might need more attention and you need to pay $1500 a month for that to happen, then this is an excellent school choice for you both.

  • lol. i love compostable lunch trays and i’m sure it’s a lovely place. but i simply can’t willingly choose a place that i already know several annoying moms have taken over. especially since i’d apparently be subsidizing those same annoying moms’ “freelancing” lifestyles.

    The other one is Brooklyn Arts.

    But you are also forgetting all the charters & choice schools, which are also a good option for those uncomfortable with things like free lunch. Lots of heartfelt pity for the rest of us coming from those folks last night at the co-location hearing for the new charter school they’re shoving into MS 113 in Fort Greene. Apparently, MS 113 needs to lose 100 seats so as to make 100% certain that Lucy Lululemon’s kid can learn about innovative things like “sustainability” in kindergarten.