House of the Day: 17 Howard Place

This turn-of-the-last-century brick row house with porch in Windsor Terrace looks to be in great shape. There’s no fireplace, but it does have a center stair and hall, pier mirror, tile entry, and modern layout with all the living on one floor. The kitchen has been charmingly renovated (we don’t know what that counter material is but we like it) although we’d rather tile than exposed brick. Does $1,700,000 seem about right for a 1,500-square-foot, two-story one-family right by the park?

17 Howard Place [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP

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  • Nice little house but $1.7m. Even in this insane TH/Brownstone market that is ridiculous. Buyer beware.

  • Sold!

    Howard looks at the back side of the church, I prefer Fuller but still not many of these houses go up for sale.

  • it’s not unreasonable, lack of supply is driving prices higher, I’d bet it goes above ask

  • Very cute little house, but it does seem like a lot of money!

  • It’s a beautiful house in a great part of the neighborhood, but the ask is really very high, especially with no prospect of rental income. If there was a rental property I could see this working, but without seems like it is high for the neighborhood. Will be interesting to follow.

  • I was hoping to make it to Sunday’s open house, but it didn’t work out. Anybody go? I am totally in love with these houses. I think sweetlou is right- this house will be snapped up.

    • good curb appeal, move-in ready, lower level not renovated. Kitchen in extension is OK i guess, formica isn’t endearing. The basement has an awkward stairs and landing from the kitchen/ rear door – i’d replace it right away (its just a frame lumber staircase). Both of the tubs are vintage, but the bathrooms are in decent shape. Top has two skylights, so light feels decent, and without railroad layout much brighter than typical brownstone.

      They are angling for bidders to show their hand by thursday, presumably to play off each other.

  • I’m curious to see what this house sells for – I suspect it’s in a bidding war right now. I think it will go over ask – this is a fantastic block and these houses rarely go on the market. I think one sold on that block 2 years ago for 1.5 (the house where the mother was murdered – sorry to be so grim), so I think this will easily get the ask.

  • 25 Howard Place went for $1.425 million about a year ago and needed a fair amount of work. I don’t think that one was the infamous one though

    • Correct you are, sweetlou. Thank you. I guess I just meant that it seems a couple houses nearby have sold at or near the $1.7 million dollar mark. Which may sound crazy, but some of the houses are really cute and just steps from the houses that sell for a million more in Park Slope.

  • It’s also worth noting that a high school is directly across the street. Typically this will reduce property values, but if the other Howard Place homes have sold for north of $1.5 MM, then perhaps that is not the case. Over $1,000 sq ft still seems like an awful lot of money for WT.

    Those Park Slope houses mincemeat mentions that are just steps away are also often a lot larger.

    • faces the back of a catholic elementary school, high school is across the expressway. had i not walked that block endless times on my way to get a slice at Joe’s pizza, i wouldn’t believe that it is way more charming than it sounds. this block has some charm and real peace and quiet, believe it or not.

  • Never underestimate the charm factor! I have friends who live in one of these houses on Fuller Place. It’s adorable and the front porch creates a wonderful sense of neighborliness. There’s also a big English basement with ceilings of at least 8ft, maybe more, so the 1,500 sqft isn’t really fair.