Closing Bell: Brad Lander to Give Update on Controversial Homeless Shelter Tonight


Councilman Brad Lander and the Coalition for Carroll Gardens will answer questions and provide updates on the controversial proposed homeless shelter at 165 West 9th Street in Carroll Gardens at a meeting tonight, according to an email blast from CCG. As you may recall, nonprofit shelter operator Aguila Inc. has said it intends to open a permanent homeless shelter for 170 men in the location, a Scarano-designed building with 10 apartments and one commercial unit. The building, which exceeds its allowed FAR, has been plagued by problems with the DOB and has sat empty for years, although it now has a C of O.

The Coalition for Carroll Gardens appealed to the courts about the shelter proposal, causing the Department of Buildings to look into supposed violations in the buildings, but now those have been cleared by the DOB, according to the Coalition. The City will hold a public hearing on the proposed contact between the Department of Homeless Services and Aguila Thursday at 10 am at 49-51 Chambers Street in Manhattan, where anyone can come and offer oral or written testimony. The proposed contract is for six months four and a half years and $29,987,257.

Tonight’s meeting will take place at 7 pm in the lobby of 505 Court Street.

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  • $30M? That’s over $200,000 per homeless man–to house them for six months! The city should be renting them their own apartments on the open market at that price.

  • thats nearly 6.7 million per year for 170 warm bodies. or $39.2k per year per person. that’s after tax, so that’s what about $70k pre-tax money? that’s a whole person’s salary. i don’t follow these things closely, but isn’t that outrageous?

    ok lets break it down, have them live like college grads:

    $2,000 per month studio apt = $24,000.
    utilities @ $250/mo = 3,000.
    food stipend @ 30/day = $10,950. (excluding food stamps etc)
    cell phone: free
    medical: free
    TOTAL: 37.950.

    and we wonder why there are tea partiers. you can’t make this sh!t up. i’m giving them $912 per month in groceries, or beer – or lets face it a hellofa time (considering they’re homeless)

    yep, our homeless have graduated from college and have a decent 5 year work history with raises.

    who would actually WORK? the sad thing is they don’g get to live like this, they’ll still live like semi cockroaches yet the money still gets to the wrong people.

    does anyone besides me think we need to rethink how the city does “business”?

    • They’re not giving the money to the homeless. It’s going to “overhead”, aka pocket-lining, in the private homeless shelters industry. There’s something horrifically corrupt and incompetent about the whole process, but don’t blame the homeless guys. They’re being exploited as much as the city is.

  • anyway you slice it it’s completely insane….170 men stuffed into a 10 unit building? The Scarano gift keeps on giving!