Barclays Effect Boosts Select Local Retailers


Retailers and restaurant owners near Barclays Center told The New York Daily News their businesses have seen a boost from Barclays. Diners, bars, and sports-themed businesses such as Modell’s Sporting Goods benefited the most. Business has also been good at The Hungry Ghost cafe on Flatbush, but that has little to do with Barclays, said the owner. Rents near the arena are now double what they are slightly further away, the story said. Outgoing Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz “acknowledged that rising rents are becoming a problem throughout Brooklyn, leading to an influx of banks and franchise stores,” said the story. But that’s not Barclays Center’s fault, he said.

Local Brooklyn Businesses Feel Barclays Boom
[NY Daily News]

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  • Wait I thought Barclay’s and AY were suppossed to destroy Brooklyn and turn Flatbush and Atlantic into a gridlocked deadzone????

    When will the critics ever give up. Barclay’s is a huge success in EVERY way with minimal downsides. And BTW rising rents are a good sign. Please show many any area where falling rents indicates a positive business environment?

    • Totally agree! The naysayers of projects like this seem to think that all commercial development is bad and will bring on some kind of Armageddon, but they are wrong every single time. This has been good for the nabe, and great for Brooklyn as a whole.