Three Still Available at Park Slope Conversion

Three of four units are still available and pricing has changed (it’s higher) at 371 6th Avenue in Park Slope, a condo conversion by East River Partners that is almost complete. The top three floors are floor-through apartments with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and there’s a garden duplex with two bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The 2,069-square-foot duplex with a 600-square-foot garden has the highest asking price at $2,095,000; the second floor is $1,150,000; the third floor is $1,175,000; and the penthouse is going for $1,350,000. (Previously prices ranged from $1,050,000 to $1,800,000.)

One of the units is in contract, said a spokeswoman, although she did not specify which one. The renovation of the 19th-century brick four-family was originally anticipated to be completed this summer; now it looks like construction will wrap in the next two months, she said. Sales launched in April, according to a story we ran then, but the company says sales officially launched this week.

Park Slope Condo Conversion Now on the Market [Brownstoner]
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  • I’ll take one of the middle floors if they knock off another 600 grand. How the fuck do people afford places in Brooklyn?

    • jmh believe it or not most people can’t afford Brooklyn anymore and the lucky few who can barely do so. We know friends who’ve gotten help from family and even taken 2 jobs to make the initial downpayment.
      When we bought in2009 we worked 90-100 hours a week to pay for the place and a gut renovation. Was it worth it ? Yes !

    • Yes, my next stop is the East River – I mean, in the East River. I’ve moved 8 times Park Slope, Bensonhurst, Coney Island, Graves End, Sunset Park, Park Slope (again) and South Slope. Soon coming to a corner near you a 300sq ft apt. for $2,650 a month!

  • because a million dollars for a walk up tenement is absurd, that’s why they are vacant, and hopefully for a long time.

    I didn’t see a coat closet in any of the apts either. I guess the so called “office” space would become the closet.

    A 2 bedroom apartment does not need 2 bathrooms, that makes a total of 4 sinks per apartment? is that really necessary, or is it a prestigious thing to say my master has 2 sinks?
    Just how long does it take one to wash their face or brush their teeth?

    In this tiny space another closet to me is more important, than a second bathroom.
    The layouts aren’t terrible, not great either, but I have seen worse.

    but not worth a million or more, sorry. I don’t care what neighborhood it is in. It is nothing more than a mere walk up.

    • you should change your ID to “Broken Record”

    • While we are sympathetic to hard working people being priced out of the market it is also a reality that NYC is expensive and the demand far outstrips supply here. A million dollars is a ton for a 2 bedroom but what can one do when there are folks willing to pay for it? We have a capitalist system ( the best in the world btw) and there are options like a different neighborhood, borough, or even the suburbs.

      • What I find amazing is the people that will work 90-100 hours to pay for something like this.
        A million dollars for an apartment this size is absolutely absurd.
        It is amazing that people will spend so much and work so hard for so very little space…..and for a walk up ta -boot…….

        not that there is anything wrong with a walk up, but for a million, yes, that is wrong.

  • @jmh – They reside in areas outside of brownstone Brooklyn. That’s how.

  • this pricing seems absurd to me even given the absurd prices lately.