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  • “Dying to know how much that Windsor Terrace home sold for!”

    …except that it’s not really in Windsor Terrace, it’s towards the lower portion of Park Slope. Priced very high yes, but not a direct WT comp.

  • After this 1,000 square foot house, nothing surprises me in Windsor Terrace:

  • As far as I can tell, it was listed for 1.25 and sold for 1.45– but I keep thinking I must be misreading something, because that seems nutty to me for a house that size.

  • We bought it for just over ask. It was not a flip; the family that we bought it from lived there for about a decade and gut renovated it from estate condition (all new plumbing, electric, etc.). It may not be for everyone, but we love it – it’s big, tons of original details (including stunning molding, lots of fireplaces, beautiful bannisters, skylight) and in good (not perfect) condition. There were lots of comps to back up the price we bought it at, and we certainly looked for a LONG time before we found anything close to as nice, in this kind of neighborhood, at this price.

  • I’m confused….is the reference to the mediocre gut/flip for the Windsor Terrace house or the Seeley Street house (link by suzy)? Not sure which house bumbles purchased, but I too am very curious about the WIndsor Terrace house….